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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Fitz, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Fitz

    Fitz Guest

    Running Vista X64 w/SP1. The System Restore is not creating automatic
    restore points, nor is it keeping manually created ones. In the last two
    days I have created two points, and the next day they are gone. I get
    the message "No restore points have been created on your computer's
    system disk. To create a restore point open System Protector (linked)."
    I have insured System Restore is turned on for the C: drive. I have
    approximately 29 GB disk space free (2 X 36 GB Western Digital Raptors
    in RAID 0). The only 3rd party utilities I'm running are
    SuperAntiSpyware (free version, not running on automated schedule) and
    PerfectDisk (runs daily automatically).

    Any help appreciated,

    Fitz, Feb 24, 2008
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  2. Mark L. Ferguson, Feb 24, 2008
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  3. Fitz

    flambe Guest

    Microsoft has never considered System Restore to be a signficant function in
    If you have a dual boot computer your Vista System Restore Points are
    destroyed when you boot into XP.
    This was a deliberate decision made by Microsoft to punish users who do not
    stick with Vista and is one of the most vile/bizarre decisions ever made by
    Microsoft-which is saying something considering Microsoft's inexplicable
    checkered history with regard to the way it punishes loyal and legitimate
    If dual boot users of Vista do not need System Restore points single boot
    users should doubly never need them.
    Its part of the "wow" factor of Vista.
    flambe, Feb 24, 2008
  4. Fitz

    AlexB Guest

    AlexB, Feb 24, 2008
  5. Fitz

    AlexB Guest

    It is a lie. There are plenty of bugs and this is one of them. The problem
    for XP users is that nobody cares about XP anymore, so eat your sh*it. I
    personally, do not care: you can eat a double portion of it. Switch to
    Ubuntu, you will be welcome among crackpots.
    AlexB, Feb 24, 2008
  6. Fitz

    Fitz Guest

    Thanks for the response.

    Running is safe mode - doesn't work, there are still no restore points
    to go to.
    Not using Kaspersky AV (using Avast)
    Zone Alarm or Real Player not installed
    Already using Windows Update vs Microsoft Update
    No Restore errors in Event Viewer (System)

    The link took me to a Windows XP System Restore help site vs. Vista-
    I'm assuming that it still applies.

    Thanks again,
    Fitz, Feb 25, 2008
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