System Restore?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Hi, I have used home premium OS for six months, all of a sudden I cannot
    restore, it comes up with, system did not restore "unspecified error",
    anyone know of a remedy for this.
    Thanks Brian
, Sep 15, 2007
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    Dave T. Guest

    Are you running NIS?
    Dave T., Sep 16, 2007
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  3. No I'm running AVG and Zonealarm'

, Sep 17, 2007
  4. Hi Brian,

    Can you provide the exact steps that produced this error? (e.g. what pages
    did you open; and at which steps did you get this error)

    Christine [MSFT], Sep 17, 2007

    Solo Guest

    Hi, I just clicked on a restore point and let it do it's thing, and after
    restart i get a box saying did not restore "unspecified error "

    Solo, Sep 17, 2007

    daniel Guest

    I really don't understand. I mean, I just don't understand why so many
    people have such a problem with vista.
    I bought 3 HP laptops in january this year. all came with vista.
    first thing I did was, make the system backups (yes, like it says it).
    I wanted to find out if this really works.
    I took one laptop, renamed some system files so they would'nt work anymore
    (yes, there is a way to do that) then I rebootet and, of course, it did not
    start anymore. I put that system disk in the cd drive and I
    just restored the whole darn thing. worked perfect. everything was back to
    then I installed MS Office 2000. now, I have read a few times that this
    doesn't work. not compatible with vista.
    well, it works for me, no problems.
    on the other one I installed Open Org (a ms-office clone), again, works
    I have a few games. Pool, chess, MS Flight Simulater 2000 and others. all of
    them are older, ok for 98 and win 2000. meaning, they should'nt work in
    vista or at least, crash after a minute or so.
    they all work, no problems.

    am I doing something right ? something a lot of people don't do ?

    with every new program installation, I do, what is called, a Clean Install.
    here it is:

    To Boot Clean in Windows Vista

    Access the System Configuration Utility

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel
    2. Click System and Mantience
    3. Click Administrative Tools
    4. Double Click System Configuration

    Configure Selective Startup options

    1. On the General tab, choose Selective Startup
    2. Uncheck Load Startup Items
    3. Uncheck Load System Services
    4. Select the Services tab
    5. Check Hide all Microsoft services
    6. Click Disable all
    7. Click on OK
    8. Click Restart.

    After performing the necessary steps, restore your system by doing the

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel
    2. Click System and Maintience
    3. Click Administrative Tools
    4. Double click System Configuration
    5. On the General tab, choose Normal Startup
    6. Click Ok
    7. Click Yes, when asked to restart your computer

    the second part to this is, make sure the program is compatible with vista.
    here it goes:

    right click on the exe file of that program. go to Properties.
    click Compatibility.
    click Run this proogram in compatibility mode for:
    choose Windows XP service pack 2 from the combo box.
    check: disable visual themes
    check: disable desktop compostition
    check: disable display scaling. Click OK

    next step: Security

    got to Control panel, then Security.
    click: Windows Firewall
    click: Allow a program through Windows Firewall
    click: Exceptions

    if you don't see your programs name, click Add, find the exe file for that
    program (in Program Files), click on the exe file, Open.
    then Ok and you're finished.
    that program will now work with no problems.

    before you reboot, restore your system again by doing the following:

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel
    2. Click System and Maintience
    3. Click Administrative Tools
    4. Double click System Configuration
    5. On the General tab, choose Normal Startup
    6. Click Ok
    7. Click Yes, when asked to restart your computer

    so, because I am doing all this, I don't have problems with windows vista.
    (or XP).
    it seems like a whole lot to do, but it's not.
    do it twice and you'll know it.

    there are a few more things, like automatic Log On or taking out the
    constant warning about running a program (DEP) and so on.

    I hope this helps some folks.
    daniel, Sep 20, 2007

    Kurt Herman Guest

    Your not alone. MOST people don't have problems with Vista. The ones with
    the most problems are "upgrades" on old hardware, and people who just fear
    change. It is different enough from previous versions to scare some people
    (especially the increased security, to which most computer people say "bout

    A case in point about about old hardware. I originally ran Vista on my
    computer with a 4 year old P4X400 motherboard with a 2.4 ghz processor, and
    1.5 gigs of ram. Vista ran ok, but experianced occasional blue screens, and
    the report/solution to MS was to update the bios.

    The last free update to the bios was from 2 years ago, and the latest one
    was from a third party that took over support for the now un-supported
    motherboard, and costs 34 dollars.

    So, I got a good deal on a new motherboard with a dual core processor for
    140 dollars, and swapped it out. (It could use the same ram I had, and my 2
    year old NVidia 6600GT AGP video card).

    A cheap upgrade, and works like a champ. No more Blue screens.

    Vista does make more use of your installed ram, and this pointed out an
    interesting thing about my old motherboard. I was running 3 512 meg sticks,
    and apparently, the motherboard specs said this was NOT one of the supported
    modes. But I had no problems with XP. I guess it very rarely used over 1 gig
    of my 1.5 gigs so the potential problems never showed up.

    Kurt Herman, Sep 20, 2007

    Bob Guest

    I'm having the same problem as Brian, did the reboot thing but to no avail
    Bob, Nov 5, 2007

    sonjon Guest

    sonjon, Dec 30, 2007

    tulrose Guest

    I have the same problem: running Home Premium for about a month and using
    ZoneAlarm. I was using Mozy for backing up data; didn't like it and tried to
    restore back to before the install. It just comes up with "unspecified error".

    Is there a tecnical problem note for this? I suppose I'll have to search for

    I'm about to uninstall all software that I've loaded and see what happens.
    tulrose, Jan 18, 2008

    Stilty Guest

    i have the same problem and am using NIS
    Please look at my other posts by searching "stilty"
    Stilty, Jan 27, 2008

    Mich341 Guest

    Mich341, Jan 28, 2008

    Mich341 Guest

    Mich341, Jan 28, 2008

    veranyon Guest

    some interesting moment

    System Restore service get very big time when works

    1. creating point "1"
    2. install some program (for example, kazaa lite)
    3. uninstall this program
    4. run system restore and go back to point "1"
    System restore service begin to restore this point but never finished.

    "Please wait until SR service inicializing itself" or simular setence. I'm
    waiting. waiting 30 minutes. hour, two hours but this message so and is
    watched ;)
    So I just press reset button. I don't know what I can do also.
    veranyon, Feb 9, 2008
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