sysvol - missing policies and scripts folder

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Sleb, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Sleb

    Sleb Guest


    One of my customer has 2 2000 DC's. I found out that in the sysvol\domain
    folder, everything is gone except the folder

    I have backups of system states but the problem occured before the oldest
    tape they have. Everything seems fine except in event viewer it says that it
    cannot query the list of GPO's.......(event id 1000). Users are logging fine,
    dcdiag gives no mistakes, the sysvol shares are there, etc....

    When I try to open a GPO, of course it gives me an error. Is there a way to
    repopulate the sysvol share with the policies folder? I already have a backup
    of the scripts folder made manually but not of the policies folder. How can I
    recreate this folder?

    Sleb, Oct 17, 2006
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  2. Sleb

    Don Guest

    Yes there is. On both DC's is SVSVOL policies folder missing. If so check
    DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory and see if the policy and script
    folder are in there. If not you will need to perform an authoritave restore
    on one DC and an non-authoritative on the other DC.

    Look at the following KB's - 315457 - How to rebuild the SYSVOL tree and
    its content in a domain and 840674 - How to force a non-authoritative restore
    of the data in the Sysvol

    Don, Oct 17, 2006
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  3. Sleb

    Sleb Guest

    Actually, both DO_NOT_REMOVE.... directories (1 on each DC) are empty. I am
    aware of the kb from microsoft you talk about cause I already used those KB
    elsewhere for FRS problems and it works fine. The thing is that they will
    not put back the policies folder (In my opinion) since you need to know which
    will be the master and which will be the slave for frs replication (burflags
    D4 or D2).

    I think that if you don't have the contents of the scripts folder (which is
    not my case) and the policies folder, rebuilding FRS from the kb mentioned
    will not help.

    I know that normally those 2 folders are inside the
    DO_NOT_REMOVE......folder (which is not my case).

    Is what I'm saying making sense? Maybe there is a way with ntdsutl to
    rebuild the policies folder?

    Sleb, Oct 17, 2006
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