Tabbed Browsing: MS Implementation Un-Intuitive

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by chaznet, May 22, 2006.

  1. chaznet

    chaznet Guest

    Tabbed browsing can be great... but... in IE7 it's not very intuitive. In
    general, it's confusing and you don't have the feeling you know what's going
    to open up where.

    As a suggestion, those working on the product should definitely spend some
    time with Netcaptor, , to get an idea of how it
    should be done :)
    chaznet, May 22, 2006
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  2. chaznet

    Dave S Guest

    I think Microsoft's implementation is very good aside from speed. IE7 in
    general feels very sluggish - where if I click something there is maybe a
    slight delay before an action is taken. In IE6 - it's instant, I click - it

    However, I'm sure everyone has their own theory on what the best tab
    implementation would be. I think Microsoft did an execellent job thus far.
    Dave S, May 22, 2006
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  3. chaznet

    chaznet Guest

    That's great it works for you, must be your first use of tabbed browsing :)

    Some ease-of-use things in Netcaptor that would be nice in IE7 are:

    --> Drag 'n Drop to reorder open tabs
    --> Ability to have all links open in a new tab, whether selected from your
    favorites, typed mannually, etc... In IE7, this isn't quite possible -- if I
    select a Favorite, it replaces the current window, so I must remember to open
    a blank tab, and think select a Favorite -- if I don't remember to press ALT
    (or is in CONTROL?) when typing a shortcut in, I replace the current window.
    Tabbed browsing in IE7 creates a lot of busy-work...
    chaznet, May 22, 2006
  4. chaznet

    Rize Guest

    I have been using Maxthon (an IE based tabbed browser) and I have to agree
    with Chaz. In Maxthon I can assign alias' to the same tabs I always open and
    name them something more fitting if need be. When I click a link in anything
    whether it be email, favorites, etc it opens a new tab in my Maxthon. In
    IE7, I cannot get this silly thing to stop opening new IE Windows which
    completely defeats the purpose of having tabs. I have the shortcuts printed
    out as a reminded but it has been a very rough road for me.

    I have never used Netcaptor but I will say this new IE7 has a long way to go
    to catch up with Maxthon.
    Rize, May 22, 2006
  5. Just thought someone should note that it may be your settings that are the
    problem, not IE 7.

    "Tools" ---> "Internet Options"

    On the "General" tab, select "Settings" under the "Tabs" section.

    Look under the "When a pop-up is encountered:" and click on "Let Internet
    Explorer decide how pop-ups should open" or "Always open pop-ups in a new

    Also, you may want to select "A new tab in the current window" under "Open
    links from other programs in:"

    For your problems with it opening a link from the Favorite's center in the
    current window, click the blue arrow on the right side of the link.

    I hope that helps,
    Rous and Associates, May 23, 2006
  6. chaznet

    chaznet Guest

    'A New Tab in the Current Window' was already checked. New windows open
    fairly often. Maybe this setting isn't complete in that it appears but
    doesn't do anything yet?

    Those blue arrows you mention are great, took me a while to find them --
    they only appear in the 'Favorites Sidebar', and not in the Favorites menu
    itself. Personally, I'm not much of a sidebar user when browing the net --
    much easier to use the 'Links' folder and have everything I need at the top.
    That you have to open the sidebar to have links open in new tabs is a great
    example of the 'busy work' required to utilize tabbed browsing in IE7.

    Would be great if those little blue arrows appeared in the Favorites Menu :)
    chaznet, May 23, 2006
  7. It does on mine. And, I don't use the docked station. I think you're talking
    about the favorites menu on the Classic menu, I don't even use the classic
    menu, so I didn't think about it. Click the star to the left of the tabs,
    hover over the link and a blue arrow appears on the right side of the link.
    This is called the "Favorite's Center", and contains your Favorites, History,
    and Feeds. The buttons to switch between them are on the top of the
    Favorite's Center interface.

    You didn't mention the group box "When a Pop-up is encountered:", that one
    controls the internal links for Internet Explorer, the default is "Open in a
    new window", I believe. Currently, Outlook Express seems to open the first
    link in a new window, and tabs from there on... as far as I understand from
    Outlook Express users.
    Rous and Associates, May 23, 2006
  8. chaznet

    chaznet Guest

    Favorites Center -- Sidebar -- same thing. I don't really use the Favorites
    menu much, but the Links folder in the Favorites menu appears as a toolbar .
    I can put shortcuts at the root, as well as use folders. It's very
    convenient having all my stuff in the toolbar. The Sidebar/Favorites Center
    creates extra steps, a lot more clicking around.

    I appreciate your help though, the blue arrows are great for people who use

    It is a beta, could all change soon -- but now, my perception is that tabbed
    browsing was an afterthought. In it's current state, it'll be paydirt for
    people who want to look busy at work, just utilize tabbed browsing :)
    chaznet, May 23, 2006
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