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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Tony Collums, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Tony Collums

    Tony Collums Guest

    My company recently purchased two new HP Pavilion laptops, both with vista
    Home. The first was migrated from a Gateway XP machine using the Microsoft
    Vista migration tool. The second was migrated using Laplink's PC Mover from a
    Sony Viao XP machine. Other than different users and some email differences
    the two machines were very similar user configurations. The first had no
    major migration issues other than some changes required due to Mail's no
    longer accepting web based email accounts and some duplication of files and
    address book problems. The secong had literally no issues with any
    applications. The first was up and running for the user in a couple of days
    after dealing with the email account changes and address importation issues.
    The second was fully operational with in hours. The question or problem comes
    up with networking. The first laptaop does not see or recognize any pc's on
    our network, can not access shared files or printers and the other pc's can't
    access this new laptop either. ( note - all pcs have had the network
    discovery patch added and all run XP). The second new laptop functions
    perfectly normal, sees the XP pc's, shares files and printers. i have checked
    both new laptops, compared networking setup, share settings and appear to be
    setup identical. Can you provide any assistance on solving why the first
    laptop can not access any network resources? I have checked virtually every
    thing I can thru control panel and user setting. As I am not a guru just the
    unlucky soul that gets stuck with this problem, any help would be
    appreciated. Soory for being lengthy, but I tried to convey every thing I
    could first time out.

    Thanks in advance

    Tony Collums, Jul 17, 2007
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  2. Tony Collums

    Tim Guest

    You didn't mention if your company network is a "workgroup" or a
    "domain". Vista Home (why would a company purchase the Home edition??)
    cannot join a domain.

    Tim, Jul 17, 2007
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  3. Tony Collums

    Tony Collums Guest

    We are using simple networking with everything set to MSHome for workgroup,
    the XP default. Only real difference is laptop 1 uses Norton and Laptop 2
    uses McAfee. Norton is on one that doesn't see devices but McAffe one sees
    them. I have checked Norton settings and Windows Firewall and there doesn't
    appear to be any differences. I have completely disabled Norton but same
    results. I don't think problem is in antivirus because both computers are
    running same firewall.. I am thinking there must be some hidden setting that
    didn't get transfered with the Windows Migration Wizard that the Laplink did
    transfer. I am just about ready to reinstall Vista on the laptop 1. Any
    suggestions would be appreciated.

    Tony Collums, Jul 18, 2007
  4. Tony Collums

    Tim Guest

    Have you tried just turning off the firewall? If your router to the
    internet has a decent firewall, do you really need the PC running one as

    I assume when you said you said you checked "share settings" that meant
    you turned on sharing and network discovery, correct?

    What do you get when you run "ipconfig /all" in a DOS window? Can you
    ping the other machines?

    Tim, Jul 18, 2007
  5. Tony Collums

    Tony Collums Guest

    Sorry for the delay in responding but duty called and I didn't have decent
    I haven't run ipconfig but will try, I will say that in the network map, as
    the mouse pointer hovers on each computer it shows the ip address but just
    will not access. File and printer sharing is on, password protect is off and
    MShome is a private network. I won't be able to run ipconfig on the unit that
    is being a pin until next week. As this thread is getting down in the queue,
    I'll stat a new one next week when i have something more to report. Thanks
    again for you help.

    Tony Collums, Jul 21, 2007
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