Task Scheduler problem (bug?) in Win2008 Server STD SP1 + WinXP SP

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Dmitry Simonov, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Steps to reproduce

    There are 2 PCs. Let us name first one "S" («Server», Win2008 Server
    Standard SP1), and the second one – "C" («Client», WinXP SP2)
    Both of them are members of a domain ("DOMAIN", for example)
    There is user "DOMAIN\user". Let us shorten his name to "U" for future
    "U" is a member of group "Administrators" on "S"

    Once upon a time "U" decided to schedule a task on "S"
    He (on computer "C") opened "Explorer", entered "\\S\Scheduled Tasks" as
    address, choosed Add scheduled task
    In properties window of newly created task, "U" changed the start time to
    "1:00" (from "9:00" by default).
    After pressing "ОК", window appeared, prompting to enter a password and
    confirmation (!)
    User entered them and pressed "OK".
    No error message appeared.

    In "\\S\Scheduled Tasks" the time of start (of his task) was displayed as

    5 minutes later "U" decided to change start time of that task.
    He went back to task properties, changed the time to "2:00" and pressed "OK"
    NO window prompting for password appeared (!)
    User didn't paid any attention to it..
    Note: no error message appeared!

    After this change, in "\\S\Scheduled Tasks" the time of task start was
    displayed as "2:00" (it changed too)

    But next morning "U" discovered that his task has been started at "1:00",
    not at "2:00" !
    He opens "\\S\Scheduled Tasks" and sees time "2:00". He is very confused...

    User expected his task to start at a time, that he SPECIFIED, and at that
    time that is DISLPAYED (which are equal)
    Or at least, he expected to see some kind of error message if start time of
    a task failed to change.

    What is happening on server

    1) In MMC console “Task Scheduler†time of start is still "1:00"

    2) In MMC console “Event Viewer†-> Applications and Services Logs ->
    Microsoft -> Windows -> TaskScheduler -> Operational there are two log
    entries (at that time, when user changed start time of a task)

    Source: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
    Event ID: 709
    Task Category: Compatibility module task update failed
    Level: Error
    User: SYSTEM
    Computer: S.domain
    Description: Task Compatibility module failed to update task "some_name.job".
    Additional Data: Error Value: 2147942405.

    Source: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
    Event ID: 706
    Task Category: Compatibility module task status update failed
    Level: Error
    User: SYSTEM
    Computer: S.domain
    Description: Task Compatibility module failed to update task "some_name.job"
    to the required status 0.
    Additional Data: Error Value: 2147942405.

    I found that 2147942405 = 0x80070005 = E_ACCESSDENIED (from WinError.h)

    Workarounds that worked for me

    1. Connect to "S" via "Remote Desktop". Change start time via "Task
    Scheduler" applet.

    2. Every time, when user wants to change some properties of a task (via
    "\\S\Scheduled Tasks"), (before pressing OK in properties window), he should
    press button "Set password..." (in tab "Task") and type password and
    Dmitry Simonov, Nov 24, 2008
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