Task scheduler returns an error : the task image is corrupt ortamp

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Jean-David, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Jean-David

    Jean-David Guest

    Has anyone gotten a solution to this? All tasks return the same error. This
    happened without warning.

    Also, Is there a way of keeping Vista (5600-RC1) from performing a system
    restore at every startup and even on waking up? This causes me to lose all my
    carefully set restore points.

    Many Thanks,

    Jean-David, Oct 17, 2006
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  2. Jean-David

    Yacci Guest

    *Task scheduler returns an error : the task image is corrupt or tampere

    I am having the same issue and have not been able to correct the th
    problem - would appreciate any hel
    Yacci, Jan 3, 2008
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  3. Jean-David

    vista_man Guest

    While not likely to be a universal fix i thought i would post what
    worked for me.

    Suddenly my SR would not work and reported an error code (can not
    recall what it was but a seach revealed there are others that have the
    same issue) advising *the task image is corrupt or tampered with.*

    I could not find a fix on the WWW. Think it's the first time ever, i
    have not come across a fix from someone. :cry:

    I take complete OS images regularly and had to go back some 20 days to
    find an OS image where SR worked.

    Though i would try something way outside the square. Possibly the
    problem was confined to the Windows folder files. I set up to copy of
    all the Windows folder files from the older archive Image (where SR
    worked) into the current (live) Windows folder (from within Windows too)
    where SR or the scheduler was corrupt. I figured that the installed
    programs and their data (not within the Windows folder) would not be
    touched, only the OS would be changed (updated or restored).

    I realised that not all files would copy across as they would be locked
    or protected but what the heck, i have Images of everything so go nuts.

    Copy of files started and plenty will not copy. Whole process grinds
    to a near hault after some time. I kill the copy process, restart
    Windows and wow it starts. :sleepy:

    Fire up SR and it too starts and lets me take a SR point. :D

    Only thing i noticed was the desktop layout was messed up somwhat.

    Been using Vista for 4 days now and so far all OK. Manual SR works and
    as does auto SR.

    To try this fix you obviously need files from OS Images. Taking OS
    images regularly will pretty much mean you never have to do a new
    reinstall to fix an unfixable problem.

    Whether this fix was a one-off ?? Whether it would work again ?? Hope
    i never have to find out.

    cheers :cool:

    Ps-this just came to me as I write. A work around if you can not take
    Images now and then is to simply copy the Windows folder and _all__its
    files to another drive or partitian somewhere on a regular basis.
    Should you have issues with your OS, try copying back in the older
    Windows files. The more recent the backed up files the better i
    imagine. Minor problem i see is my Windows folder is 10.3GB as of now.
    Then again, not a huge file to keep these days with big HDD's.
    vista_man, May 3, 2008
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