Task Scheduler stopped working altogether?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by JethroUK©, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. JethroUK©

    JethroUK© Guest

    I've been using task scheduler ever since i had Vista - apart from some
    peculiarities (have to reset the task if i reset the PC) it always worked

    Last couple weeks it stopped working altogether - I've set up some dummy
    tasks to check (open word doc @ 5:13) - the task shows "running", but it

    Anyone know anything about task scheduler?
    JethroUK©, Jul 30, 2009
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  2. JethroUK©

    Jon Guest

    Check in Task Manager (ctrl-shift-escape > Show processes from all users) to
    see if the process is listed; the tasks could be running in a different
    session and / or as another user.

    Also check the history tab of the task in task manager to see if any errors
    are listed.
    Jon, Jul 30, 2009
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