Task Sheduler doesnot permit to create task with no user login

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by kbrajesh, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. kbrajesh

    kbrajesh Guest

    Dear Friends .

    I am using windows vista 32 bit enterprise edition. I need to configur
    a scheduled task even if no user is logged in. I tried to make a tas
    but when i select "Run whether user is logged on or not", it asked t
    input the Computername\username and password. I logged in as loca
    administrator and i have keyed in the samew credentials. But i a
    getting an error message at this screen saying "A specified logo
    session doesnot exist. It may already have been terminated." I have n
    issues for setting up a shedules task that run under the loca
    administrator login if the administrator is logged in. But i need to ru
    the task even if no body logon to the computer. Can any one help me ??

    FYI: I am using SyncToy for folder synchronozation and i am lookin
    foward to schedule it to run every night.

    Thanks in advance
    kbrajesh, Nov 13, 2009
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