Taskbar Freezing/Unclickable

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by kraziet, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. kraziet

    kraziet Guest

    I've recently installed Windows Vista: Ultimate, and have ran into 2 problems
    that i've noticed. One problem is that my taskbar freezes after
    double-clicking the speaker icon in the taskbar. I can hoover over the
    speaker with my mouse, and it would be ok, but once i double-click it, then
    the entire taskbar freezes, and only the Start button is accessible, as well
    as my entire desktop, but quicklaunch and system tray icons are all frozen.
    My second problem is when I right-click my taskbar and I click "properties"
    and then remove check mark on "Show Quick Launch", and also Remove the check
    marks Under Start Menu tab "Store and display a list of recently opened
    files" and "Store and display a list of recently opened programs" the system
    then completely freezes, and become unresponsive. A error message comes up on
    my desktop showing "Windows Explorer has stopped Running". Has anyone came
    across this problem, or tried to see if they have any issues, or is this just
    a Vista bug unfound by Microsoft? Thanks you all for your Help!.
    kraziet, Mar 1, 2007
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  2. kraziet

    Missoula Guest

    Lots of people are reporting this, as am I. I've switched computers and
    monitors, and it still happens. So far, no solution that I've seen. I have
    found that it only happens when my Dell 620 is docked.
    Missoula, Mar 1, 2007
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  3. kraziet

    Kodie Guest

    I have the same problem with the taskbar. What we should do??
    Kodie, Mar 6, 2007
  4. kraziet

    Missoula Guest

    It's becomming clear that this is a problem that is related to the bios
    supplied in Dell computers. Another poster was working with Microsoft on the
    problem when they discovered that the Dell bios was not compatable with
    Vista. So, you have to go do the Dell web pages and find a bios that fits
    your computer, and is Vista compatable, and then flash your bios. But, BE
    CAREFUL! And, I'm also told that once you do that, you'll have to reinstall
    Vista because the bios flash corrupts some of the installed parts of Vista.
    Oh boy, huh? I'm not sure if this means you'll also have to reinstall all the
    rest of your programs and settings, also. If you get any other, or more,
    information, please post!!
    Missoula, Mar 6, 2007
  5. kraziet

    sanjmonkey Guest

    I've got a HP Compaq nx7300, Vista Business and am having the same
    issue...are they sure its a BIOS issue?
    sanjmonkey, Apr 17, 2007
  6. kraziet

    Missoula Guest

    Turns out that it is not a bios problem. Microsoft has what they call a
    "hotfix" for this problem, but you have to talk directly with MS's technical
    support people and get the URL and password to download and install it.
    Several of us have done that, and the problem has never come back.
    Missoula, Apr 17, 2007
  7. kraziet

    sanjmonkey Guest

    Fantastic... Do they have a KnowledgeBase article (KB) about the issue, or
    did you just call them up and describe the issue?
    sanjmonkey, Apr 18, 2007
  8. kraziet

    sanjmonkey Guest

    can you send me the hotfix at all?

    sanjmonkey, Apr 18, 2007
  9. kraziet

    Dave Guest

    Does anyone know the HOTFIX #... I just called microsoft and hey can't help
    me unless i have the hotfix #...Thats POOR customer service if i called with
    a problem and they know there is one but won't help me without a fix #....
    Can anyonehelp or just post the link and password to save all of us the
    trouble...It should be public anyways...
    Dave, Apr 18, 2007
  10. kraziet

    Missoula Guest

    Missoula, Apr 21, 2007
  11. kraziet

    leobeckons Guest

    wow.. this works now, thanks budd
    leobeckons, Nov 20, 2008
  12. kraziet

    Mick Murphy Guest

    Gee; we wish we knew what you were talking about!
    Mick Murphy, Nov 20, 2008
  13. kraziet

    rbonja1 Guest

    i thaught i had the right KB but when i try to reun it it says that i
    is an out of date update and wont install it. i have a toahiba satellit
    A-135. Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance
    rbonja1, Feb 21, 2009
  14. kraziet

    z3eed Guest

    Hey, if you test the workaround in the bottom of the KB, the Taskba
    starts to work again!

    Method 1
    Log off, and then log on to the computer.

    Method 2
    Stop and then restart the Explorer.exe process. To do this, follo
    these steps:

    1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL.
    2. Click Task Manager.
    3. Click the Processes tab.
    4. Click the explorer.exe process.
    5. Click End Process, and then click End process.
    6. Click the Applications tab.
    7. Click New Task.
    8. Type explorer in the Open box, and then click OK
    z3eed, Feb 26, 2009
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