Temporary internet files not saving webpages - Help please!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Steena, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. Steena

    Steena Guest

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I can see the history when going
    through the star and then clicking history. It shows websites visited,
    UNLESS the person who visited them has deleted them from the history. I want
    to be able to monitor what my son is looking at, even if he knows how to
    delete from history by right-clicking in IE.

    Previously I had Windows XP, which would show the history by going through
    tools, internet options, browsing history, settings, view files. Even if the
    person had deleted the page from history while viewing, it would still show
    up using the method I'm describing.

    This doesn't work with Windows Vista. In fact, Windows Vista doesn't show
    ANY webpages that have been visited at all if you go through tools, internet
    options, browsing history, settings, view files. Is there some setting that
    I need to change to make it show the webpages, or is Vista incapable of doing

    Thanks for any insight.
    Steena, Mar 4, 2009
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  2. Steena

    gls858 Guest

    In the long run you probably need to find a different method to monitor
    usage. Many of the browser now have a "privacy mode" that allows a user
    to surf without the history being recorded. Also assuming your son is of
    average intelligence it's only a matter of time before he figures out
    how to eliminate his tracks.

    There are quite a number of programs out there to monitor web usage.

    gls858, Mar 4, 2009
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  3. Steena

    Steena Guest

    I understand, and I do intend to purchase such a program, just haven't got
    around to doing it yet.

    Are you saying that what I'm trying to do is not possible in Vista, even
    though it was possible in XP? I'm just wondering if there's some setting I
    need to change to make the webpages show up in History....so that I can see
    them by going through tools, internet options, browsing history, settings,
    view files. Not just to spy on my son, but to help myself if I'm trying to
    find something that I've previously looked at. As I said before, it's not
    saving ANY webpages. Every tutorial or "help" poage says that it saves the
    webpages, but it doesn't, that I can see.

    Anybody know?
    Steena, Mar 5, 2009
  4. Steena

    Steena Guest

    Dave, thanks for your reply.

    It is not set to empty temporary internet files folder on exit. That box is

    However, I did look again in the TIF folder, and it appears that the only
    things that it is saving are images, and cookies, but no webpages.

    Is there any setting that will change this, so that it saves the web pages
    like it is supposed to? Somehow I need to tell it to save the webpages too!

    Steena, Mar 5, 2009
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