Terminal Services Random Session Disconnections

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by legpeg2008, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. legpeg2008

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    For about 3 weeks now we have been getting random sessions disconnections
    across our seven terminal servers (all windows 2003 sp2) They are all IBM
    Blades. Remote users are only affected - it is not users within the local
    lan that seem to be affected. Remote users connect in via a Managed MPLS VPN

    On the MPLS VPN network we are losing packets. We are only losing packets at
    the sites that connect into the MPLS via ADSL. We have one site that
    connects into this via SDSL which no user has reported problems from. Our
    head office connects to the MPLS via a 2mpbs leased line. Our network
    provider has said that everything is within limits, and they say the don't
    have any problems. All servers are on the lan within a gigabit backbone (at
    head office). All remote sites use thin clients. There are no servers at
    remote sites all at Head Office.

    Users are disconnected when they actually are using their terminal. The
    session will freeze and then terminal will re-connect back to the logon
    screen. No user has reported any error messages and they have not reported
    problems when connecting to a new session. Although we have had a few
    corrupted profiles lately (which were reported in the eventlog). We don't
    use roaming profiles (I have wanted to set these up but time has never
    allowed). The corrupted profiles started after a message on the server
    saying "Windows - Low on Registry Space the system has reached the maximum
    size allowed for the system part of the registry. additional storage
    requests will be ignored". We do have UPHC clean running on all TS as well.

    I have tried setting the group policy setting for keepAlive to see if that
    helps. On changing this one user reported a slight improve another
    disconnected almost straightaway!

    I have already posted this on the terminal services group. They believe this
    is a network issue, and suggested I post here.

    Any suggestion would be very helpful

    legpeg2008, Jun 8, 2008
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