"The following message could not be delivered to all recipients" MSN messenger v5

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by RTL, Sep 20, 2004.

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    Hello all,

    We've been using MSN/Windows Messenger (version 4.something before, now
    5.0.0482) with [only] Exchange 2000. It was working great for a year or so,
    but now we're having sporadic problems. I have Googled for hours without

    The Windows Messenger connects fine when you sign in. It shows contacts and
    appears functional. I have ensured that each Exchange user has the Instant
    Messenging feature enabled--I assume since they connect that is true.

    The interesting part is that when you sign in, it broadcasts this message to
    all the users, so some data is getting to the clients. When you go to IM
    someone, it says "The following message could not be delivered to all
    recipients" BUT, sporadically, you can IM 1 person, but not another--often
    enough that person that was IM'd cannot reply! Then if you sign out, you
    cannot send/receive to that 1 person anymore.

    I did try re-creating the IM RVP server in Exchange by deleting the RVP
    service. I followed the Microsoft (#266643) article on how to setup IM
    Server. Still same results. It even kept the contacts--including contacts
    from domain users that were deleted and purged several months ago. I did
    notice that Outlook Express (we only use for usenet) had those [old and
    purged] contacts and I deleted them from there. When I opened up my Exchange
    SDK VB sample, it still found those old users. In fact, it had about 10
    users that have been deleted/purged over the period of a year or so :|

    I went into the Web logs where the IM server is located and found many
    lines, including this one. It has my IP (.12) sending to the server to user
    "userslogin" with the 500 error (Internal Server error--well that's what it
    has been for me in ASP). 80 NOTIFY
    /instmsg/aliases/userslogin - 500 -

    When I open up the Exchange SDK for the VB client, it logs in fine. When I
    try to send a message to message to a user, I get:
    "> Method 'SendText' of object 'IIMSession' failed"

    I realize that Messenger goes through IE. So, I have done what several of
    the posts said to do. Unchecked the "revoked cert" (that sounds dangerous),
    ensured that SSL's were checked, I added the domain to the trusted sites,
    re-registered several DLL's, set the security levels to default....Nada, zip

    The only thing I haven't done is uninstalled the IM from Exchange and
    re-installed it. I don't think "Repair" has ever been effective for any of
    the products I have used. I'm wary of that since it's a production server.

    Is there a way to "clean" out the IM feature to rid it of anything that may
    be causing this type of issue? Is there any other information that I have
    not provided that would help with diagnosing and fixing this issue?

    Thanks for any input/help/advice/anything that you can give!


    RTL, Sep 20, 2004
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