The Last Straw

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Guest, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I couldn't get WMP 9.0 + whatever the latest downloads
    were, to play perfectly legal original CD's that run
    everywhere else. They even run fine using the CD player
    in acccessories on the same machine, without rebooting or

    Or at least they used to. In disgust I delated the media
    player and deleted the media player in the trash bin.

    It wasn't until I rebooted and saw the NTLDR not found
    message that I vaguely recalled something about "you can't
    uninstall blah blah blah" I'll give my Norton Restore
    disks a shot. The was no warning. I have faithfully
    downloaded every patch immediately, I have updated Norton
    daily. I can do no more, except go swimming with the
    flightless denizens of the South Pole.

    This was the last straw, this message is being sent from a
    friend's machine. Should MS realize what they've done and
    wish to make amends, I can be reached at
    or area code 530, phone 277 followed by
    3456. Otherwise it's one more iron fastener in the wooden
    container of Microsoft's remains.


    Doug Keachie
    Guest, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Listen here, retard;
    By "deleting media player in the trash bin", you ended
    up trashing your Operating System. Also, you win the

    Retard Jack-Off Prize.

    P.S. It ain't Microsoft's fault- its yours |!!!|
    Atticus Barber, Oct 17, 2003
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  3. Guest

    zachd [ms] Guest

    Note that WMP has no concept of "legal" CDs. A CD to it is just something
    with data on it, and WMP can make no judgments upon the content of the CD.
    Thus Daft Punk's commercial _Discovery_ CD is functionally equivalent to my
    personally produced/recorded The Zach Robinson's _Kate_ album. It is
    completely impossible for WMP to make a value judgment upon whether the CD
    is rippable or not.

    If you're having troubles playing CDs, it has nothing to do with "legal"
    (that's not even a concept during WMP's CD playback) and everything to do
    with some sort of CD driver failure. Since the other CD Player works, it
    sounds like a failure with the CD driver's digital support, which WMP
    uniquely uses and CD Player does not.
    Yeah, that's not a great choice with any application on your system ever.
    But while it's inadvisable to do that with WMP, it's not deadly.
    Well, first off, penguins rock, so you're not in terrible shape there.
    Second off, WMP's deletion could not possibly have caused an NTLDR message.
    Stomping on WMP just leaves your system-once-running in a quirky inadvisable
    state. NTLDR is in no way reliant on WMP, so the association of the
    deletion of WMP to a failure with NTLDR is inaccurate.
    Respectfully, I know WMP (or at least most of it), and whatever problem
    you're dealing with currently in regards to NTLDR has nothing to do with
    WMP. I could try to help you troubleshoot the WMP/CD problems, but the
    NTLDR issues is most definitely not WMP. For help with the NTLDR issues,
    you'd need to talk to non-WMP MS support.

    zachd [ms], Oct 18, 2003
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