The Page cannot be displayed error often misleading - how can false Restricted Sites be cleaned from

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Uncle John, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Uncle John

    Uncle John Guest

    I have noticed that ever more often IE 6 has given me a page cannot be
    displayed error because some part of the site has been located in the
    Restricted Zone. If I check the site with Firefox it is one I recognize as
    OK for Internet level security.
    Is there a tool to review the sites in the Restricted Zone - the numbers in
    "Sites" is enormous and often just a DNS is given?

    I know I could just delete all the zone from the registry and then start
    afresh with IE SpyAdd or similar but I would prefer a elective approach
    Uncle John, Nov 27, 2005
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  2. Uncle John

    PA Bear Guest

    Are you using IE-SpyAd now? SpywareBlaster?
    PA Bear, Nov 28, 2005
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  3. Uncle John

    Uncle John Guest

    My main defences are a wireless router with the MAC locked down and
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite which combines Firewall, A-V and A-S. I use
    Lavasoft for adware protection.

    I did have IE-SpyAd but recently I removed it, pending consultation with the
    Author, because I was afraid it was a source of problems. I do not have
    Spyware Blaster. I run Spybot search and Destroy once a week
    Uncle John, Nov 28, 2005
  4. Uncle John

    PA Bear Guest

    I did have IE-SpyAd but recently I removed it

    Did you run the IE-SpyAd file 'ie-ads-uninst.reg' to "remove" it? If not,
    the restrictions put in place by 'ie-ads.reg' when you installed IE-SpyAd
    are still present in the Registry.
    PA Bear, Nov 28, 2005
  5. Uncle John

    Uncle John Guest

    PA Bear

    Yes, I used the batch uninstaller and ran both the batch files the simple
    and type 2 versions to be sure that everything was cleaned out (success
    Uncle John, Nov 28, 2005
  6. Uncle John

    PA Bear Guest

    Then check your ZA Internet Security settings (Anti-Spyware and SmartDefense
    modules, probably). Also Ad-aware's settings, if it's Ad-aware Pro version.
    PA Bear, Nov 28, 2005
  7. Uncle John

    Uncle John Guest

    PA Bear


    The ZA anti-spyware modules seem only to operate in a post facto mode as
    far as internet access is concerned, that it is they do not block access to
    sites but scan for trouble at intervals. They do show and offer to block,
    with excess zeal when an update is first installed, files within the system
    accessing sensitive areas. Ad-Aware similarly does post facto scanning and
    Ad-Watch is operates like the ZA anti-spyware so I have turned it off.

    Because IE6's "The Page cannot be displayed error" is so uninformative I
    am not in favour of extensive site blocking in IE6. For instance I got that
    error message when a site is being repaired temporarily where Firefox will
    display a message e.g. that maintenance is being displayed.

    With regard to the Restricted sites I am experimenting with a tool to review
    what has been put in the Restricted Zones for Administrator, All users and
    Current User. I feel that I need more hands on Control than is given by the
    IE6 blunderbuss approach
    Uncle John
    Uncle John, Nov 29, 2005
  8. Uncle John

    PA Bear Guest

    Please include all of previous message(s) in your replies to the newsgroup,
    Can you expand on that statement, citing some specific pages (URLs) where
    this happens? For example. are you moving from an https:// page to an
    http:// page or vice versa?

    No domains are located in Restrict Sites by default. You or one of your
    many utilities (Ad-Watch, IE-SpyAd, ZA) may have done so.

    May we assume you've tried:

    - opening Restricted Sites applet > Sites > and

    (1) Removed any sites you don't want to be in that zone?

    (2) Reset the zone to Default level?

    - Tools > Reset web settings?
    PA Bear, Nov 29, 2005
  9. Uncle John

    Uncle John Guest

    PA Bear

    Next time I get an instance I will post here. [My last instance was
    attempting on Sunday to access]. I am faintly hopeful
    that the cleaning of Restricted Sites i have undertaken will prvent it
    happening again, hmm, hmm!

    IE6 said the page could not be displayed Firefox informed that the page was
    not open for transactions on Sundays. [don't misundrstand me, I always use
    IE6 if I can.

    You ask if I have
    (1) Removed any sites you don't want to be in that zone? There are too many
    with only cryptic data to safely use manual removal
    (2) Reset the zone to Default level? Yes
    Uncle John, Nov 30, 2005
  10. Uncle John

    PA Bear Guest

    You ask if I have
    Did *you* put the sites in Restricted Sites zone?
    ~PA Bear

    PA Bear, Dec 2, 2005
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