The strangest thing happened on my way to get sound out of Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by voowe2, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. voowe2

    voowe2 Guest

    I hope someone out in the forum can help me understand this:

    I can't figure out for the life of me, why after installing the previous
    version of Windows Vista Beta 2 that I got sound out it with my current sound
    Soundblaster Live! gamer. But now with this new version: Windows Vista
    (RC1), I can't get sound out it. Using the same sound card.

    I can't believe Microsoft would release a new version of Vista and take away
    the support for most sound cards, and now there is no support for most?

    Well... you guest it. I can't get the sound to work. Vista (RC1) runs very
    well, but no sound. I found out that Creative Labs, those folks that created
    the Soundblaster Card will not support Vista Beta until the final release.

    So since Microsoft is continuing with the Beta of Vista, then what happened
    to the sound files that I thinik were imbedded within the Beta?

    Can anyone help?

    I feel like running around in circles, and stop, to see if my head would
    continue spinning.

    voowe2, Oct 4, 2006
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  2. voowe2

    danbrown Guest

    did you do an upgrade or clean install? Have you gone into device
    manager and tried to update drive.
    danbrown, Oct 4, 2006
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  3. voowe2

    voowe2 Guest

    Hello danbrown, and thanks for responding.

    I did a clean install. Because the installation said "upgrade disabled"

    I went into device manager I attempted to update the driver, but it could
    not find an updated driver on IE, nor within it's own data base of drivers

    voowe2, Oct 4, 2006
  4. voowe2

    Gene Fitz Guest

    If you have the f you are using a 2 OS set-up, you may be able to snatch the
    driver files from your XP drive or partition.. Just a thought...
    Gene Fitz, Oct 5, 2006
  5. voowe2

    voowe2 Guest

    Hey you guuyyss!!

    I found the driver from a website called.....oh, oh, forgot the name. Will
    post it soon. This website host the drivers for Soundblaster Live! Gamer for
    Vista Beta (RC1). It's so unfortunate Creative has an attitude problem, not
    supporting the Vista Beta until the Final release.

    My next forum Post might be: Creative company's ATTITUDE problems.

    voowe2, Oct 6, 2006
  6. voowe2

    j hymiller Guest

    j hymiller, Oct 6, 2006
  7. voowe2

    j hymiller Guest

    Hello I have sb live also and downloaded from creative and sound
    works fine..other than recorder the livedriveunipack in windows xp(they dont
    support vista) Vista isnt any more then a gloryfied xp............Bill needs
    j hymiller, Oct 6, 2006
  8. voowe2

    Leadfoot Guest

    The SB Live! series of cards will not be supported by creative in any
    version of Vista,Kb=ww_english_add,U={B8F60310-DA4F-11D3-94F4-00500463020E},Company={CEAE216D-8719-4C00-AC9F-03BC258F7B70},d=1130251443648,VARSET=ws:,case= 14186

    Windows Vista - Driver Availability Chart
    Creative continues our commitment to providing superior product support with
    the release of our driver development plan for Microsoft Windows Vista. This
    information is provided for those customers who are in the Windows Vista
    Beta Program and will be updated regularly. Creative will be revising this
    page to include Windows Vista RC1 updates.
    Creative are unable to offer support for a beta Operating System before its
    official release.

    Creative products not listed here may be classified as discontinued products
    which will not have additional driver updates within our software
    development plan.

    Sound Blaster
    Internal Product Plan
    X-Fi Series RC1 driver available
    Audigy 4 Pro Beta 2 Driver Available
    Audigy 4 Beta 2 Driver Available
    Audigy 2 ZS Series Beta 2 Driver Available
    Audigy 2 Series Beta 2 Driver Available
    Audigy LS Beta 2 Driver Available
    Live! 24-bit (internal) RC1 September
    Live! Series No Development Planned
    Earlier PCI releases No Development Planned
    All ISA releases No Development Planned

    External Product Plan
    Audigy 2 NX TBA
    Live! 24-bit External TBA
    MP3+ (EU&US) TBA
    Digital Music (Asia) TBA
    Digital Music LX (Asia) TBA
    Digital Music PX (Japan) TBA
    Extigy No Development Planned

    Creative Professional (E-MU)
    Product Plan
    Creative Professional E-MU 1820 TBA
    Creative Professional E-MU 1212M TBA
    Creative Professional E-MU 0404 TBA
    Creative Professional E-MU 1820M TBA

    Product Plan
    WebCam Live! TBA
    WebCam Live! Ultra Notebook TBA
    WebCam Live! Ultra TBA
    WebCam Live! Pro TBA
    WebCam Live! Motion TBA
    WebCam Live! Effects TBA
    WebCam Instant TBA

    MP3 Players
    MuVo Product Plan
    MuVo Family Native Support
    MuVo² Family Native Support
    Digital MP3 Player Family / Rhomba Native Support

    ZEN Product Plan
    ZEN Sleek Photo Native Support
    ZEN MicroPhoto Native Support
    ZEN Micro (MTP) Native Support
    ZEN Xtra (MTP) Native Support
    ZEN Touch (MTP) Native Support
    ZEN Nano Plus Native Support
    ZEN Neeon Native Support
    ZEN V Native Support
    ZEN V Plus Native Support
    ZEN NX No Development Planned
    ZEN 20GB No Development Planned
    NOMAD/D.A.P/ZEN All not listed above No Development Planned

    Portable Media Players

    Product Plan
    ZEN Vision Native Support
    ZEN Vision:M Native Support
    ZEN PMC Native Support

    Keyboards and Mice Product Plan
    All (except Prodikeys & Prodikeys DM) Native Support
    Prodikeys - PS/2 No Development Planned
    Prodikeys DM - PS/2 No Development Planned
    Prodikeys DM (Value) - PS/2 No Development Planned
    Prodikeys PC-MIDI - USB CY 2007

    3Dlabs Graphics Cards All Products Plan
    3Dlabs Graphics cards No Development Planned

    Modem & Networking

    Modem Blaster (Analog)

    Internal Product Plan
    Modem Blaster PCI DI5663
    Modem Blaster PCI DI5656
    No Development Planned
    Modem Blaster PCI DI5655
    No Development Planned

    External Product
    Modem Blaster USB DE5673 TBA

    Broadband Product Plan
    Broadband Blaster 8015U TBA

    Wireless Product Plan
    Network Blaster PCMCIA Card No Development Planned
    Network Blaster USB Adapter 2230 No Development Planned
    Network Blaster USB Adapter 2030 No Development Planned
    Network Blaster USB Adapter 2031 No Development Planned
    Network Blaster USB Adapter 2231 Q3 CY2006

    Further Suggestions
    Leadfoot, Oct 7, 2006
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