the tcp/ip connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by mickey71, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. mickey71

    mickey71 Guest

    I have been getting an error message for over a week now (at least once a
    day): the tcp/ip connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server. if I
    click the details button, it says

    Account: Microsoft Communities
    Protocol: NNTP
    Port: 119
    Secure(SSL): 0
    Code: 800ccc0f
    Is this a problem with WLMd or something wrong with my computer? How do I
    fix this and get this to stop? I did a search under the WLMd newsgroup for
    this error and couldn't find anything, so I apologize if I am reposting a
    question that has already been answered. If I am, I would really appreciate
    someone pointing me to the appropriate message.

    My computer is Windows XP Home SP2 with all available current updates
    applied. My WLMd version is 8.0.1226. Please let me know if you need any
    other information. I don't know what information is relevant to include.
    Thank you!
    mickey71, Mar 31, 2007
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  2. mickey71

    Ildhund Guest

    Is it only news you're having trouble with? Did you try the
    first page that comes up is
    with a wealth of ideas on how to resolve this type of error. You may also
    find help on your ISP's website. Try extending the timeout first. Check your
    outbox (under On this computer) to see if there's anything stuck there. If
    so, shift it to the Drafts folder and try again. Otherwise, try the other KB
    suggestions - most of the Outlook Express ones will probably apply to WLMD.

    I have had this problem before and discovered that my ISP had started
    throttling traffic on port 119 for overzealous users.

    Ildhund, Mar 31, 2007
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  3. mickey71

    Karen Guest

    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, it is only newsgroups that appear to be having this issue. This error
    has never pops up when I am using the mail feature.

    I did actually see the article you mentioned before I posted here, but all
    of the troubleshooting appears to be changing settings. I do not believe
    that changing my settings will resolve this issue as it is intermittent
    (albeit frequent). My thinking is that if a setting like the ones mentioned
    in the article needs changing than this would be a constant problem rather
    than an intermittent one. One minute, I will get the error message and
    minutes later everything will go along fine. Then, I get the error message
    again. Some days, I do not get the error at all. Actually, I was about to
    reply that the problem must have fixed itself because I have not seen the
    problem in 2 days. But while responding, the exact same error message
    popped up again.

    I have no trouble with my connection to the internet. In fact, I have no
    problems accessing any web page while this error message box is showing on
    my screen.

    Also, I have checked my "On This Computer" mailbox and there is nothing in
    any of the folders (inbox, drafts, sent items, junk e-mail, deleted items,
    or outbox).

    Please let me know if my thinking is faulty in respect to the settings. I
    am open minded and willing to try any suggestions. I just don't have a lot
    of time to try the suggestions in that particular article if they do not
    apply to my problem.

    Thanks again for your help and let me know if you have any further
    Karen, Apr 5, 2007
  4. mickey71

    Ildhund Guest

    Can you narrow the problem down to a particular newsgroup? Is it only msnews
    that's affected? Did you try extending the server timeout? What about
    switching off the Communities feature? (Tools > Options > General tab >
    uncheck "Use newsgroup Communities support features" - this has been a bit
    querky of late.) Have you checked with your ISP to see if they're mucking
    about with traffic on port 119?

    Troubleshooting can be a time-consuming and tedious task, but if you're
    going to solve the problem, you'll have to try and pin it down by disabling
    something (like automatic synchronization) and see if it goes away. Then,
    starting with a configuration that works, add things back until the error
    crops up again. If the problem occurs as infrequently as you say, this
    process might take several days. But I'd guess that the problem does not lie
    with WLMd.

    Ildhund, Apr 5, 2007
  5. mickey71

    DGuess Guest

    It's been this way for quite a while with Outlook Express, Windows Mail or
    WLMd and

    Funny thing is it doesn't happen with any other newsreader or server
    combination. Used to be a thread on this in one of the OE newsgroups I think
    it was.

    It started occuring just after I got DSL so my first thought was that it was
    them. Checking with them and other tests showed no changes to it but was
    only noticible with MS software and server.
    DGuess, Apr 5, 2007
  6. mickey71

    Karen Guest

    Aha! You may have nailed it, Ildhund! When you mentioned "newsgroup
    communities" something clicked in my head. All had been working well in
    WLMd until a week or so ago. I do specifically remember setting that
    particular option and it is very likely that it was around the time that I
    started encountering problems in WLMd. I have unchecked that option and I
    am fairly certain that it will resolve my issue. Thank you so much for
    kick-starting my brain.

    Now that I have removed the check mark from that option, I think my problem
    will be resolved. If it doesn't, I will be sure to follow up on your other
    suggestions and post here again if all of your suggestions are exhausted
    without fixing my problem.

    Thanks so much!
    Karen, Apr 6, 2007
  7. mickey71

    Ildhund Guest

    My pleasure - glad to be of service. Let's hope they get the Communities
    thing sorted soon.

    Ildhund, Apr 6, 2007
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