The Wait is Over!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Alias, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Alias

    Alias Guest

    Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron, is available now! That said, there's so much
    demand, the servers are a bit busy so you might want to wait a few days
    more before downloading it.

    Alias, Apr 24, 2008
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  2. Alias

    Larry Guest

    Larry, Apr 24, 2008
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  3. Alias

    Milt Guest

    I thought this was the Vista newsgroup? Who cares about Ubuntu?

    Milt, Apr 24, 2008
  4. Alias

    Alias Guest

    Going somewhere?

    Alias, Apr 24, 2008
  5. Alias

    Guest Guest

    Dear Alias,

    I Was Unable 2 get Any Of The Download Mirrors 2 Work At A Decent
    Speed, So In The Mean Time I Have Returned 2 Both X64 Winodws Vista SP1 RTM
    And X64 Windows XP SP2 RTM, Just FYI. From: Alias #2, Just FYI.
    Guest, Apr 24, 2008
  6. Alias

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    How about YOU going on that 6 nation tour with all those stupid Ubuntu CD's
    to pass out to the people who don't know any better?

    Friends don't let friends use Ubuntu!
    Bill Yanaire, Apr 24, 2008
  7. Alias

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Only a few retards in this group like Ubuntu: Alias, Ray, Kevpan and a few
    other morons.
    Bill Yanaire, Apr 24, 2008
  8. Alias

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    So you are the Alias#2 retard? Of course you were unable to download
    anything. You can't. Don't know how! What an idiot
    Bill Yanaire, Apr 24, 2008
  9. i downloaded it already.. lol
    vishhiita prime, Apr 24, 2008
  10. Alias

    Don Guest

    Lol, now that is funny!

    Hang in there Kevpan, you'll make it someday!

    Don, Apr 24, 2008
  11. Alias

    Alias Guest

    I'm typing from it right now ;-)

    Alias, Apr 24, 2008
  12. Alias

    Guest Guest

    So You Are Using Ubuntu To Its Fullest Capacity? Just FYI

    That Is Amazing. I Didn't Know Ubuntu Could Do All That. Just FYI

    I Am Proud To Be Alias #2. Just FYI

    Guest, Apr 24, 2008
  13. Alias

    Canuck57 Guest

    Funny you say that. In the middle of last year, some friends asked about
    Vista. Since I hadn't yet run it myself, I said I am not sure but does not
    appear people are impressed. So I would recommend XP. They have Vista, but
    don't like it. My credibility is intact.

    If they want, going to offer Ubuntu. Shrink the partition and add it in.
    Canuck57, Apr 24, 2008
  14. Alias

    kurttrail Guest

    I'd say Vista, but I actually like my friends.

    Former Self-anointed Moderator
    "Produkt-Aktivierung macht frei!"
    kurttrail, Apr 24, 2008
  15. Alias

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Well then maybe they should be using XP
    Bill Yanaire, Apr 24, 2008
  16. Alias

    Canuck57 Guest

    You mean buy a second OS for the same machine.

    GM would like that, buy 2 cars so you could drive one.
    Canuck57, Apr 24, 2008
  17. :

    Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron, is available now! That said, there's so much
    demand (9 unsuspecting people), the servers are a bit busy so you might
    want to wait a few years more before downloading it. Here's a preview:
    Carey Frisch [MVP], Apr 24, 2008
  18. Alias

    Canuck57 Guest


    But I suspect quite a few users. The download mirror I used is not well
    known, has a 1GB pipe. Was 91% used. At the speeds I was getting, and I
    have a good pipe, 10MB to myself, I would estimate 1000 downloads were
    happening. And this is only one site of many. It also does not include
    bit torrents which I suspect would have been faster. So even by a
    conservative estimate, hundreds of thousands of copies will out today.

    Ubuntu actually got glass right and fast. The current window focus is
    solid and the others are glassed. Copies files so fast....I had to run
    check sums to be sure.

    Make fun of Ubuntu and OpenOffice if you like...but they be going places.
    Canuck57, Apr 24, 2008
  19. Alias

    Bill Yanaire Guest

    Oh yea they are going places. I guess the gutter is a place
    Bill Yanaire, Apr 24, 2008
  20. Alias

    HeyBub Guest

    Some do.

    Assuming that Ubuntu is as much as half of the installed Linux base, that
    translates to about 40,000 Ubuntu users world-wide.

    That's roughly equal to members of the Coast Guard that have tattoos and
    over twice the population of Pflugerville, Texas, but nowhere near the
    citizenry of Beaumont.
    HeyBub, Apr 25, 2008
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