The Workstation service terminated with service-specific error 225

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by madman2501, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. madman2501

    madman2501 Guest

    Hi All

    I have a Preimum SBS 2003 server at a clients site which is experiencing
    intermitent problems with the loss of network drives to the server. on
    checking the server i can see the workstation service has stopped and the
    following errors are in the event log

    first error = Could not load Rdbss device driver. Event ID: 5727
    Followed by = Could not load RDR device driver. Event ID: 5727
    and then = The Workstation service terminated with service-specific error
    2250 (0x8CA).

    now i have looked on the microsoft web site and could not really find
    anything about the following problem,does anyone have any ideas what could be
    causing this problem? The only way we can resolve the problem at the moment
    is by restarting the server which is not ideal.

    to give you some more info on other application which are installed on the
    server are as follows

    GoldMine 7
    Symantec Antivirus
    Symantec Mail Security

    madman2501, Mar 7, 2007
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