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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Test User, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Test User

    Frank Guest

    Which is strange (well maybe not) because a couple of unbuntu's leading
    cheerleaders in this ng are admitted atheist and don't deny they’re
    communist which seems to fit in nicely with the free software movement
    and echoes what SB of MS has said for some time (a lot of communist use
    linux). I don't know if being an atheist/communist is some kind of uber
    qualifier for being a linux candidate, but the philosophies do seem to
    mess together quite easily.
    Frank, Jul 17, 2007
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  2. Test User

    xfile Guest


    You use race, religion, and women as examples and you expect mature people
    will seriously take your words either in here or in real life?

    And months ago, I told you that I tried to install Ubuntu twice with two
    fresh burned DVD's but it wouldn't work and I even copied the error codes in
    here and none of you guys ever knew how to solve it. If it was Windows, I'd
    say it's a crap, but unfortunately, it's not a problem for it. Some people
    have been using the same standards for everything, and that's something you
    never learned.

    Call me stupid or something even worse because I don't know how to install
    Ubuntu and I won't care. But guess what, you can spend all you life doing
    the negative campaign here and it will go nowhere and none but you are

    You have a good day.
    xfile, Jul 17, 2007
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  3. Test User

    Jason Yates Guest

    Didn't the city of munich pull linux off their desktops? Linux might be a
    great OS but it's ROI is still yet to be proven. A free OS is never FREE.
    It still costs to support it and the app options for Linux is less than
    Windows. The thing I like about Windows is they're consistent and
    available. Keep improving Linux and ranting about Open Source-- I'm not
    suggesting Linux sucks. But, until the ROI is competitive, I'd rather go
    with Windows for now.
    Jason Yates, Jul 17, 2007
  4. Test User

    Ian Betts Guest

    Your all nuts. People use what they want to. I use Vista, XP and Ubuntu.
    Each one has its virtues and downfalls. Give this stupid bistro war a rest.
    Ian Betts, Jul 17, 2007
  5. Test User

    Mike Guest

    Yeah, sure. We heard the same song when XP was released.
    For the same reason Hotmail uses Windows? They use whatever works for

    Mike, Jul 17, 2007
  6. Test User

    Tim Judd Guest

    No, the greatest one was DOS -- before viruses, before the dumbification
    of the UI in order to get Grandma to use the system. I am NOT saying
    Grandmas can't use it, but you do understand that DOS was really.. one
    of the better systems ever came out. Win3.11/WfW wasn't bad.. gave a
    good UI for the time. But starting with XP, and including Vista, the UI
    has been dumbified.

    Second greatest OS was 98SE and some people still use it (previous job
    in a school district was using it), and I think 2000 Pro is a great
    system. I don't see myself buying another M$ OS now that Apple's prices
    have come down and FreeBSD (My Unix flavor of choice) is so versatile
    and ready to work.

    XP is/was a Fisher Price looking system that just never appealed to me.
    I got used to it, but it still has a Fisher Price look and feel every
    time someone says XP. Also comes to mind is the fake abbreviation XP
    had - Xtra Problems. </RANT>

    Enjoy you week, everyone.
    Tim Judd, Jul 17, 2007
  7. Test User

    Alias Guest

    Really? The first time I operated a computer was in 1968. Remember punch
    What can Windows do that Ubuntu can't do besides accuse you of piracy,
    play games requiring DX and attract viruses and malware?
    I've seen a significant change from Ubuntu 6.06 to 7.04.
    YOU insert it. Yuck!

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  8. Test User

    Alias Guest

    Care to address the issues or just shoot the messenger?

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  9. Test User

    Alias Guest

    Nero. Fiddling.

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  10. Test User

    Alias Guest

    False (again).

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  11. Test User

    Alias Guest

    Course neither of you dare to say what "real work" is and can only
    snootily sneer at Open Source. Jealousy usually works that way.

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  12. Test User

    Alias Guest

    What is it about my examples that you don't understand?
    I am having a good day. It appears you aren't, though.

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007

  13. LOL! Do you realize how much you sound like Steve Ballmer?

    Priceless quotes in group:

    Most recent idiotic quote added to KICK (Klassic Idiotic Caption Kooks):
    "They hacked the Microsoft website to make it think a linux box was a
    windows box. Thats called hacking. People who do hacking are called

    "Only religious fanatics and totalitarian states equate morality with
    - Linus Torvalds
    The poster formerly known as Nina DiBoy, Jul 18, 2007
  14. Test User

    Alias Guest

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  15. Test User

    Tim Judd Guest


    But it has the color right.

    Nice, warm brown color of fresh crap just squeezed out.

    And really, M$ only has about 90% of the Internet community. 3.3%ish
    for Linux, 3.8%ish for Apple, and the rest is 'Other'. (trying to find
    source as we speak.. seen two sources, and don't have them bookmarked)

    And Apple's Boot Camp technology on the Intel macs let you run any x86
    operating system on your Apple hardware. So now you buy one physical
    box and can run OS X, Windows, BSD, Linux, Solaris name the rest.

    (End of Transmission)
    Tim Judd, Jul 18, 2007
  16. Test User

    Mike Guest

    That Linux number is way high. It's actually below 1%. See



    The last one is old, but is the latest numbers that Google published.
    Gives a nice historical perspective for the non-growth of Linux desktops.

    Of course, the Linux Loonies will deny these numbers. They always do.
    Cue Alias and the Ubuntu marketing department.

    Funny how no one else does. Mac users, Windows users, everyone agrees
    these numbers are pretty accurate.
    Just like *any* PC. I'm running OS X on an IBM ThinkPad T41.

    Mike, Jul 18, 2007
  17. Test User

    Frank Guest

    It was intentional, seeing as how I kind of paraphrased Mr. Ballmer in
    his contention that atheist & communist use and fit the linux free
    software ideology rather nicely.
    You don't see our main linux trolls vehemently denying that they are
    atheist or communist do you?
    Which in effect proves that SB and me (kind of rhymes, huh?) are correct
    in our assessment.
    Frank, Jul 18, 2007
  18. Test User

    Frank Guest

    I will consider that as a real compliment!
    Thank you.
    Frank, Jul 18, 2007
  19. Test User

    Alias Guest

    You misunderstand. As a Windows user for many years, I thought I would
    never use Linux. I thought it would be too much command line and terms I
    really don't want to learn and would involve a lot of work and I believe
    that's the way Linux was for many years and, hence, the general opinion
    that Linux is for geeks. Once I installed it, I realized that my
    preconceptions were false and found it fairly easy to install and use.

    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
  20. Test User

    Alias Guest


    Alias, Jul 18, 2007
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