Throuble with Audio chats

Discussion in 'Windows MSN Messenger' started by Stig Bøgelund Nielsen, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Hi everyone,

    It seems that I'm the only one, having trouble with getting audio chats
    working with MSN Messenger 6.0 though ISP with NAT.

    Here is the case:

    Home PC w/ XP <---> DSL Router with NAT ( non-UPnP support ) <---> Internet
    <---> ISP with only NAT, but non-UPnP support (Telia Stofanet in DK) <--->
    Dest. PC w/ XP.

    I have tried to find, if the Messenger uses any port to initiate the
    connection, but without luck. :-( So then I tried to plug my laptop direct
    into the DSL connection, instead of the DSL router/firewall/nat-device and
    then the destination PC was able to invited me to a audio session, and I
    could accept, and it worked fine, but I was not able to initiate the audio
    session from my Home PC, it didn't work, I guess that it was because of the
    NAT device at the ISP ( Telia Stofanet ).

    So - then what ? - well here in Denmark, nearly all ISP and home connection
    to the Internet uses NAT, and I guess that 85 % of those is non-UPnP
    compatible, that means that the easiest way to do audio and video chat
    session, is using e.g. Yahoo Messenger instead, cause Yahoo is using a
    audio/video gateway server, instead of the peer-to-peer connection.

    OR ?

    Wait for Microsoft to add or change the way the Messenger initiate AV

    Please Microsoft, could you please give me an update on the issue.


    Stig Nielsen, Denmark.
    Stig Bøgelund Nielsen, Oct 27, 2003
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  2. Hi Neo,

    You can't "uninstall" UPnP -- you can turn off the service in XP, and block the UPnP traffic
    using a software firewall, but you can't actually uninstall it.

    And yes, you do need it for direct features in Messenger to work through a NAT (that is,
    features which can't utilize a central server or relay server) -- like voice conversations,
    remote assistance, etc.

    Lets address some myths here:
    UPnP (and Messenger utilizing it) is "NAT" friendly -- one of its many features is the
    ability to automatically open, discover, forward, close and remove ports on a NAT device at
    will and this is just for the "Internet Gateway Device" UPnP spec -- there's many more, for
    printers, scanners, etc. UPnP is here and it's not going anywhere.

    As for it being insecure, can you provide some proof to this? What exactly is insecure about
    UPnP? and please don't refer to the now two-years old bug within the UPnP service in XP
    which as fixed within hours -- that wasn't anything wrong with UPnP itself, just the service
    in XP and it was never exploited.
    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Oct 28, 2003
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