Time drift when W32Time service enableed

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Simon (Sly), Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Simon (Sly)

    Simon (Sly) Guest

    We're experience significant time drift on a collection of HP DL585s running
    windows 2003 Enterprise Server. Over six machines, all appear to be drifting
    by approximately four seconds every half an hour (in different directions).

    The machines are set to sync with a local time server every week (standard
    W32Time service), and typically their time corrects by a jump of 5 mins or so
    back to the correct time, and then beings to wander off again.

    However, on disabling the W32Time service, the time drift stops, and they
    keep time correctly. I've seem some posts stating this same issue, but none
    with hard evidence as to why it occurs.

    Has anybody seen such behaviour before? We're now running XNTP on some of
    the machines and they are keeping time/synchronising fine.


    Simon (Sly), Aug 12, 2005
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