TMPGEnc-movies and MCE

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Rolf Molini, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Rolf Molini

    Rolf Molini Guest

    Hi all,

    to convert dvr-ms on a separate machine (not my MCE) I use L. Burgos DVD Ripper (and ][Muxer) to split video- and audio-stream from
    dvr-ms, then I use an excellent small cutter program (MPEGSchnitt) and finally I remux A/V-streams into one mpg with TMPGEnc (namely
    with the "Multiplex"-MPEG-Tool and outputting MPEG2-Program-Stream (VBR)). This means for example, that the Bitrate is conserved
    througout the whole process and I do not change other options I could with TMPGEnc (Interlace, GOP, ...).

    But the result is not really satisfying: On my MCE-machine I can play the generated mpegs via MediaPlayer10 without problem but MCE
    immediately crashes upon starting such a movie. There is an error message which points to an exe-file which probably belongs to the
    NVIDIA-decoder I use (I must checkout this still).

    Anyway, I cannot quite understand, why the mpeg-file is decoded properly when run with MediaPlayer but MCE cannot do this.

    Btw, with MCE I can play all TMPGEnc-movies I found somewhere on the net , only not the ones I created myself with the default

    Of course I could use the countless options within TMPGEnc but does anyone know, which ones could be important for MCE?


    Rolf Molini, Feb 10, 2005
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  2. Rolf Molini

    NEOSG Guest


    I use TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress w/Dolby AC3 plug-in to rip the DVD's. Then, I use
    TMPGEnc to encode the files. I use AnyDVD to handle ***.

    The video quality is terrific, but the files are rather large. So, this
    method is only suitable if you are willing to sacrifice a large amount of
    disk space. I have a buttload of disc space, so I keep a small DVD library of
    a few hundred movies online all the time.

    I would be happy to email you off list a saved configuration from TMPGEnc
    3.0 that I use. If you want it, just reply to this post with your email

    BTW, the article that I used to get started on this was:

    NEOSG, Feb 10, 2005
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  3. Rolf Molini

    Bob [MVP] Guest

    Try remuxing the A/V streams with Xmuxer instead of TMPGEnc.

    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Bob [MVP], Feb 10, 2005
  4. Rolf Molini

    Rolf Molini Guest

    Hi all,

    thanks for your advice and especially for your offer, NEOSG.

    By now, I checked this issue out and found the following:

    I remuxed with XMuxer and received the same result. Then, within TMPGEnc I used a DVD-default-setting to remux but still the mpg can
    not be played with MCE2004. Finally I tried one of the older movies I mentioned which could be played before with MCE2004 and - no

    So, the remuxed movies are perfectly o.k. but my MCE no longer is. The error message points to eshell.exe and the module, which is part of the NVIDIA-decoder I am trying out for quite a time now.

    Obviously MCE2004 and the NVIDIA-decoder have some compatibility issue regarding playback of mpegs (it is not a genuine problem of
    NVIDIA because with WMP10 playback works).

    The funny thing is: I switched from the original decoder (PowerDVD 5) to NVIDIA because with the first I experienced freezing while
    spooling TV-Shows over and over again and I (rightly) suspected the decoder to be responsible for this. The spooling/freezing-issue
    was fixed with NVIDIA-decoder on the one hand but on the other - as I can see now - another issue arose in playing mpegs (this
    worked perfectly with PowerDVD 5).

    On my search for I noticed that the spooling/freezing-issue is very common. A second alternative to PowerDVD might be
    WinDVD. But at the moment I am waiting for a Hauppauge!-dual-tuner-card to upgrade to MCE2005 and I have read some posts saying that
    there are problems with MCE2005 and NVIDIA-decoder as well. So, for the time being I am waiting for MCE2005-upgrade and after that I
    will check out PowerDVD, NVIDIA and WinDVD. I hope there will be some combination where both issues (spooling/freezing and
    mpeg-playing) will be fixed.

    If not I think I will have to accept that mpegs can only be played back with WMP10 where I can start, stop, pause and resume (but
    not spool) with my IR-remote. But this might be not that worse since my mpegs are readily edited and contain no commercials any

    Best regards and thanks again

    Rolf Molini, Feb 12, 2005
  5. Rolf Molini

    Rolf Molini Guest


    I tried to be VERY clever and use the Video Decoder Checkup Utility to temporarily change the preferred decoder from NVIDIA to
    PowerDVD (these two are the only ones registered; PowerDVD-decoder as usually remained although the PowerDVD application has been
    completely deinstalled).

    But still eshell.exe crashes with module as the reason.

    Bad luck :)

    Rolf Molini, Feb 12, 2005
  6. Rolf Molini

    Bob [MVP] Guest

    It's always been best to only have one MPEG-2 decoder
    installed. So if you want to experiment with different
    decoders, make sure you completely remove one before
    installing another.

    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Bob [MVP], Feb 12, 2005
  7. Rolf Molini

    Rolf Molini Guest

    Hi Bob,

    I agree with you but one question remains: Does the decoder checkup utility really change the decoder used by MCE? After changing
    settings I restarted MCE of course, but ovbiously (see my last post) MCE still used the same decoder.

    Do you think, a reboot is necessary?

    Another interesting thing is, that on my editing machine with the checkup utility I find loads of various decoders installed but not
    one of them is marked as being MCE-compatible. Still, I can playback dvr-ms on this machine. How can that be?

    Rolf Molini, Feb 12, 2005
  8. Rolf Molini

    Karen Guest

    How do you know how many decoders you have and where they are so they can be

    Karen, Feb 13, 2005
  9. Rolf Molini

    jeff Guest

    You need DECCheck which is a microsoft utility that tells you which decoders
    are on your system and lets you even make one preferred over the others
    jeff, Feb 13, 2005
  10. Rolf Molini

    Karen Guest

    Thanks Jeff. Found it!
    Karen, Feb 13, 2005
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