To subnet, or not to subnet.

Discussion in 'Server Networking' started by Sam, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest


    I currently have a Class C network which is out growing the 254 hosts
    limitation. If I were to change to a Class B network this would be overkill
    as I only 6 locations, and 450 hosts. HQ has 200 hosts and the 5 branches
    are planned for 50 hosts each. Should I go ahead and subnet, and create a
    customized subnet mask of on a Class B to accomodate
    everything, or just create 6 Different Class C networks? Which is best?

    What are the advantages of having a single network address for all devices
    on the same nework as oppose to 6 different network addresses eg.
    , , etc?

    Sam, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. Keep network segment at or below 300-250 hosts. The regular 24bit mask/254
    hosts segment is perfect. "Classes" don't really mean much anymore.

    Use a single 24bit segment (class c) at each of the 6 locations. Stay above
    5 in the third octect because the numbers below that are heavily overused
    and will bite you in the rear if you ever VPN with other companies and they
    use one of those lower numbers.

    The two primary reasons for subnetting are:
    1. Reduce broadcast. Becomes even more important with slow WAN links between
    sites. Use a different segment for each site.
    2. Securty,...where ACLs can be used on the LAN Routers to control access
    between the segments.

    Another reason for them (as in your case) is when the number of hosts
    outgrows the segment,...but then that kinda falls under #1 because that
    means you are getting over 300-250 where broadcasts cause lost effieciency.

    This would be an example of what I would use if given the chance. Notice the
    higher numbered third octects to avoid the most overused addresses.
    Site #1 = 192.168.100.x
    Site #2 = 192.168.101.x
    Site #3 = 192.168.102.x
    Site #4 = 192.168.103.x
    Site #5 = 192.168.104.x
    Site #6 = 192.168.105.x
    Phillip Windell, Mar 29, 2005
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