Tons of Wierd Install Issues

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by pbskidz, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. pbskidz

    pbskidz Guest

    I had been using my new computer with Vista Home Premium 64 bit for
    about a week when I made the horrible decision of doing a disk cleanup.
    My computer set itself to do this on the next restart, so on the next
    restart it took about 3 hours to 'clean up my disk' and then after that
    windows would not boot at all, I would almost get to the logon screen
    and it would reboot.

    So I formated my hdd and tried installing it over again, because it
    worked the first time, so it should have worked again. Well then it
    started giving me an error about something being corrupted on the disk
    and it can't comlete the installation. So what I did was just kept
    trying it and now it seems to work everytime, but now once I almost get
    through the entire install it takes me to the screen where it says
    windows is preparing to boot for the first time then it reboots. Then it
    brought me to the Completeing Install part which is the last one, a
    couple of minutes later I loose the connection to my monitor and my
    computer just stays on with a black screen and just sits there forever.

    So, what I did now was think of any hardware changes that have taken
    place since I installed windows last, the only change was a wireless
    card, so I took it out and tried the install over again. Now after
    windows finished loading its files when I boot from the disk, it just
    pbskidz, Dec 8, 2007
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