Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R2412 Fresh install, Now can't send to drive.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by sandman101, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. sandman101

    sandman101 Guest

    I had a problem with my RAM(1 512 stick was bad, had it pulled out). After
    that I did a fresh install.
    I am trying to use the drop down menu to send from my desktop to my drive to
    burn to disk. It won't let me. I used to do tihs reguraly. I checked for
    new drivers, went through troubleshoot and followed microsoft's advice on the
    registry, here,

    Didn't help. Any ideas on what's wrong.
    sandman101, Oct 26, 2006
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  2. sandman101

    David Hettel Guest

    Reading what you posted, I wonder if you have burning software installed. My
    experience is yes windows includes drivers to read from a CD or DVD, but it
    does not come with drivers that support burning to CDs or DVDs. So have you
    installed any software to do this? Often this is provided by Sonic.

    David Hettel

    Please post any reply as a follow-up message in the news group
    for everyone to see. I'm sorry, but I don't answer questions
    addressed directly to me in E-mail or news groups.

    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Program

    DISCLAIMER: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and
    confers no rights
    David Hettel, Oct 26, 2006
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  3. You probably need to install the SonicEncoders. They might be on a CD that
    shipped with your PC originally, otherwise google for "sonicencoders.msi"
    and you should find's on HP's web site as well as the UK Shazam

    Dana Cline - MCE MVP
    Dana Cline - MVP, Oct 26, 2006
  4. sandman101

    sandman101 Guest

    I downloaded the Sonicencoders and installed, rebooted, still no joy.
    David Hettel, I downloaded, Zango grab and burn, and here's a little more
    that I've discovered.
    The drive will burn to disk with this software. When you go to my computer
    and try to look at what's on the disk it says it's not accesable. I can take
    the same disk to another computer and look at the disk no problems and the
    data is there.
    BTW, I'm not trying to burn dvd's just software data.
    Windows Media Player says I don't have a cd/dvd drive.
    If I put in a disk with a auto play/ auto run feature(like a game) it will
    open it and load no problem.
    It seems as if windows is not recoginizing that I have a disk drive.
    I'm stumped!
    sandman101, Oct 26, 2006
  5. I have vague memories of something similar...As I remember maybe the answer
    was to go into Device Manager and right-click on that drive, and maybe you
    can set some properties to force it to be recognized as a recorder. But
    generally you shouldn't need that.

    Is the drive IDE? If so, can you try it on a different IDE port?

    Dana Cline - MCE MVP
    Dana Cline - MVP, Oct 27, 2006
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