Toshiba says "new OS/Software = buy a new Toshiba pc"

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Sr. Developer, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. I spoke with Toshiba today regarding the upgrade path for
    MCE v1 Laptops (5205-s705 which is 3 months old now).
    They didn't know anything about MCE 2004, and stated that
    they don't support upgrades to any of their machines
    software. They said that in order for me to get the latest
    operating system or other software (including MCE 2004) I
    would have to buy a new PC as they design the machines
    around the OS/Software build.
    Mark this as the last Toshiba PC I ever buy or recommend!

    If you feel you've been wronged just remember these big
    companies only understand 4 words "Class Action Law Suit".
    I'm sure HP remembers the DVD100i upgrade fiasco. And
    Microsoft is still paying out to this one:
    Sr. Developer, Sep 30, 2003
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  2. Sr. Developer

    Jose Guest

    With all the publicity, and new interest in the OS people
    will start seeking out information from the newsgroups.
    Instead of hearing "I upgraded last night and I love the
    new features", they will see a lot of mad, and bewildered
    people. This shouldn't happen this way. Why can't someone
    step in and say what is going on with the upgrades.
    Jose, Oct 1, 2003
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  3. Sr. Developer

    Jerry Guest

    I saw on another message board that Toshica will have a link to sign up for
    an upgrade to be sent to you in a couple of days. The information came from
    a Toshica rep. at the announcement today. Basically Tosiba Satellite owners
    will be able to upgrade the same way as owners from other OEMs. Like with
    the others it will probably cost around $30.
    Jerry, Oct 1, 2003
  4. Oh no! I just bought the 5205-s705 less than a month
    ago. It has XP Pro MCE 2002. I've since gained some
    insight on MCE. So now MCE 2004 is out, and I'm expected
    to remain at 2002 - with my brand new $2300 laptop???

    This won't do. What are the initial steps to entice
    Toshiba to honor and ideally, provide a free update
    procedure, continued warrantee, etc...


    Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller, Oct 20, 2003
  5. Sr. Developer

    Pestalence Guest

    Toshiba is releasing the Upgrade within 45 days in both download and CD
    versions... however there may be a cost involved... Who ever in Tech support
    you talked to don't know jack.. I talked to Corporate CR department and sent
    them an Email stating Class Action Lawsuit for toshiba Satellite owners not
    recieving updates for OS and Drivers for their machines under warranty and
    extended warranty contracts.. they replied back that MCE 2004 will be
    available by or in Dec and that they are looking to go back and update their
    drivers page soon... however i am like a bulldog and won't let go.. I'll
    keep calling and hounding them....

    if you want to join in, call this guy and state that your dissatisfied about
    lack of driver support under warranty and also about Toshiba's delay on
    putting out MCE 2004.. also the word Class Action lawsuit will prompt them
    to send you an email requesting speciffically what you are asking for...

    just reply that the drivers are interferring with work related programs and
    that programs are crashing with Driver out of date errors for the entire
    machine.. and then also state MCE 2004 upgrade and copy the Microsoft MCE
    Upgrade web page stating Toshiba being listed as a MCE 2004 Upgrade

    the more who send in on this will make them start doing their job...

    here is the contact name and number...

    I hope that this helps us all who won Toshiba PC's...


    Bruce Messina

    Satellite 5205-s705 MCE
    Pestalence, Oct 20, 2003
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