Total crash a couple of minutes after sing in

Discussion in 'Windows Live Messenger' started by Tamir Khason, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Tamir Khason

    Tamir Khason Guest

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: msnmsgr.exe
    Application Version: 8.0.812.0
    Application Timestamp: 44cc1896
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_9d92
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000
    OS Version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 2057
    Additional Information 1: 9d92
    Additional Information 2: cdb97bfdab96593a06e96c205f5decee
    Additional Information 3: f705
    Additional Information 4: d6afb60eb7db0d09bd5b24c4afa11b48

    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 315421732
    Tamir Khason, Nov 13, 2006
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  2. Tamir Khason

    Ãœllar Guest

    Ãœllar, Nov 13, 2006
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  3. I'm having similar problems with both Live Messenger 8.0 and 8.1 Beta on
    Windows Vista.

    Faulting application msnmsgr.exe,
    time stamp 0x453e449b,
    faulting module unknown,
    time stamp 0x00000000,
    exception code 0xc0000005,
    fault offset 0x05047ba8,
    process id 0xc58,
    application start time 0x01c707f02ea11bf9.

    I've disabled the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for Messenger but still
    getting the crashes very frequently.

    Hopefully someone can come up with a solution or a new Build without the
    prob. :)


    Markus Lassfolk, Nov 14, 2006
  4. Hi,

    This is due to Flash. The reason why you don't always see it is because Flash isn't always

    With all Internet Explorer windows (and other apps with flash, like AIM) shut down, go to the
    Control Panel, then Programs, and then Programs and Features (or just Programs and Features
    if you're in classic mode). Then, in the search field at the top type flash and wait to see
    if there are any results. Click each that are Macromedia Flash and choose Uninstall for each

    Next, click the Start button, type cmd.exe and press Enter. At the command line type:
    cd %systemroot%\system32\Macromed\Flash
    and press Enter.

    Now type:
    and press Enter. If there's anything to remove it will prompt you to uninstall Flash, say
    Yes or OK. If this fails or doesn't exist, continue on.

    Now install the latest Flash beta which fixes this issue:

    After this, reboot and cross your fingers. The installer is ridiculously bad, doesn't
    upgrade existing Flash installs and won't even tell you if there's a problem.


    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Nov 14, 2006
  5. I'm really impressed and deeply grateful Jonathan, it seems to have solved my
    problem. No crash in the last 12 hours. :)

    Thank you very much.

    Markus Lassfolk, Nov 15, 2006
  6. Hi,

    Glad to be of help. You wouldn't believe how many reboots it took me to sort that out.


    Jonathan Kay [MVP], Nov 15, 2006
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