Transfering data and programs from a slave drive to a master drive

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Spike, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Spike

    Spike Guest

    To use the File & Settings Transfer Wizard, it assumes I'm going from an old
    physical machine to a new physical machine, but I'm just upgrading to a new
    hard drive. I also have the software: PC Relocator by AlohaBob; but believe
    both this and F.A.S.T. will not work for this senario. I've got data,
    programs, and jukebox music files all on seperate logical drives on the old
    (slave) drive and wold like to preserve that setup to the new drive.
    What can I use to transfer all data files, favorites files, programs, and
    etc. to the new drive?
    Can I use Copy & Paste and somehow change the register to "point" to the new
    Or is there a program or procedure where I can I keep files and programs on
    the "old" slave drive and get the "new" Windows Local Drive (master) to
    recognise and open these programs and data?
    Any Suggestions?

    Thank You,

    Spike, Mar 6, 2005
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