transferring files from old xp hdd to new vista hdd

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by urameshi, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. urameshi

    urameshi Guest

    my old pc died so i go on adn got a new one,
    while the old pc runs on xp, the new one runs on vista
    after installing my old xp hdd to be the slave on my new pc,
    when i try to open up the xp hdd it says that i have to format it
    what should i do
    urameshi, Feb 5, 2009
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  2. urameshi

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Run diskmgmt.msc and assign it a drive letter first.
    Rick Rogers, Feb 5, 2009
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  3. urameshi

    philo Guest

    LOL...if it did not already have a drive letter the OP would not have seen
    it in the first place. would be a good idea to use Disk Management to at least see if
    the drive is recognized as NTFS.

    If the drive is seen as NTFS but not accessable from Windows Explorer,
    then it might be a matter of taking ownership. (Though rare, I have seen
    inaccessability of a 'transplanted' drive be caused by permission issues.)

    OTOH: If Disk Management sees the drive as RAW, unformatted or
    unknown...then there is real problem of course.
    I'd re-check the data cable.

    Also, such problems can be caused by third party disk management or restore
    utilites which would need to be uninstalled
    philo, Feb 5, 2009
  4. urameshi

    Rick Rogers Guest

    They would see it without a drive letter, but when they try to access it
    they would get an error similar to what the OP describes.
    Rick Rogers, Feb 5, 2009
  5. urameshi

    philo Guest


    That is totally absurd!

    If there is no drive letter assigned in Disk Management the drive does will
    not appear in Windows Explorer
    or "Computer".
    philo, Feb 6, 2009
    amcs-usa(dot)com, Feb 11, 2009
  7. Urameshi,
    Sometimes Vista is very slow to recognize an additional drive that already
    has data or an operating system on it such as XP. There are a couple of
    things you can try. I'm sure you've probably already done at least one of

    #1 - Shutdown all the way and restart and try to look at the drive. May
    have to do this 2-3 times before Vista recognizes the drive. There are also
    things you can try in diskmgmt.msc, as the others have mentioned.

    #2 - Purchase a usb adapter and connect your XP drive to it. The first
    time you plug it in, Vista will probably have problems and you will not see
    it in My Computer. Going to diskmgmt.msc will ask you to intialize the
    drive. Do Not do that if you have data you want to keep. Instead, do the
    Shutdown, unplug the usb drive, Restart, logon to windows, plug the drive
    back in, attempt to view it in My Computer. After the 2nd or 3rd time, you
    will see the disk and be able to 'explore' the files.

    If this doesn't work, then you may need to try a different adapter or your
    disk is bad. Try the adapter & disk on someone else's computer (preferably
    with XP) to check.

    amcs-usa(dot)com, Feb 11, 2009
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