Transferring MemberOf from User to User

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by DanMorris, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. DanMorris

    DanMorris Guest


    I am looking for a way to transfer group memberships from on user, to
    another user that resides in a trusted forest.

    I can enumerate the groups with the memberof tool from joeware, but how
    would I go about adding this group list into a user in the trusted forest. I
    would just do it manually but this is something I need to do for 600-700

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    DanMorris, Jan 9, 2008
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  2. Paul Bergson [MVP-DS], Jan 9, 2008
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  3. DanMorris

    DanMorris Guest

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the reply,

    I am in a domain migration, and im using the ADMT but what all my users
    accounts are not being migrated to the new trusted forest, they are just
    going to be using already existing accounts. So I need to transfer their
    MemberOf list over to these new users.
    Dan Morris
    BMW Group (UK)

    DanMorris, Jan 9, 2008
  4. DanMorris

    Jorge Silva Guest

    Jorge Silva, Jan 9, 2008
  5. DanMorris

    Marcin Guest

    providing I'm understanding your issue correctly, you should be able to take
    advantage of the script listed at (an extract from AD Cookbook by
    Robbie Allen). In your case, you would obviously need to repeat the process
    for all user accounts in question, but this can be done relatively easily by
    parsing their list extracted directly from AD and invoking the code
    referenced above in the loop...

    Marcin, Jan 9, 2008
  6. I don't have an answer for you but it appears others have.

    Paul Bergson [MVP-DS], Jan 10, 2008
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