Trend CS Suite or CSM Suite for SMB?

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Adam Selene, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Adam Selene

    Adam Selene Guest

    Can anyone speak to the decision criteria for deciding on the Trend
    C/S Suite for SMB or the C/S/M Suite for SMB?

    I have a client who will be installing SMB 2k3 Prem but will not be
    hosting mail or SMTP connections. All mail connections will be via
    POP3. SOME POP3 connections will be via Exchange POP3 Connector; rest
    will be via Outlook Client POP3.

    I've been to Trend but it's unclear to me how to choose the
    appropriate product. Price IS a consideration.

    Adam Selene, Sep 7, 2004
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  2. Hi Adam -

    You definitely want C/S/M - The 'M' represents the Messaging portion (aka
    ScanMail / Exchange-aware A/V). Besides letting you remove / clean viri
    before they even get to user's mailboxes, it also gives you attachment
    blocking & spam filtering.

    Next - may I ask why all users' mail isn't being pulled down by the Pop
    connector? I really don't like the idea of individual clients pulling down
    their own mail . . . primarily because you have to rely on the client having
    up to date A/V, and you lose control over attachment blocking, etc. - not to
    mention that email isn't getting backed up. (Unless of course the users are
    pulling down the mail themselves, but storing it in their Exchange mailbox,
    in which case the Pop Connector should be pulling it down anyway . . . )


    Chad A. Gross - SBS MVP
    Chad A. Gross [SBS MVP], Sep 7, 2004
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  3. Adam Selene

    Adam Selene Guest

    Well, there doesn't SEEM to be any compelling reason to let Exchange
    download POP3 mail UNLESS there's a need for OWA. As I understand the
    Trend propaganda, C/S/M distributes a client A/V to each desktop.

    FWIW, this net will have a couple of desktops running WinXP Home that
    will NOT connect to the domain; they'll simply use SBS2k3 as an
    internet gateway. (Long story, no other way to do it.)

    I'm finding lots of things that don't work at all well vis-a-vis
    Outlook 2k3, when Junk filtering and rules with Personal Folders are
    used so we may actually let Exchange retrieve all POP3 mail. There
    are several email domains involved and some folks have as many as
    three mailboxes on three domains.

    On attachments, this firm has a bona-fide need to allow .EXE and .COM
    files as attachments. Yeah, horrid but there's no avoiding it. I've
    had to use the Slovak Outlook add-in to accomodate them. They're
    currently running Office 2K SP3 and have no plans to switch to Office
    2K3. They WILL switch to Outlook 2K3 but that's about it. They have
    no interest in Sharepoint libraries, etc. so no strong incentive for
    Office 2K3.

    I haven't looked closely at attachment blocking at the server. I'm
    not familiar with the Trend administrative tools and I'm about to
    install a trial C/S/M on a pilot server to see how it feels.

    But these people (apart from OWA for SOME) see no real utility in
    Exchange server except finally having the ability to share Calendars
    and Contacts. (Yeah, I know.)

    That's the environment.
    Adam Selene, Sep 7, 2004
  4. Well, using Exchange to share calendars and contacts is a big feature, as
    you indicated, and without Exchange you won't have it.

    With Exchange, you can also identify certain mailboxes to be shared - so
    that the office manager can check the boss's inbox but not his personal
    calendar. Again, without Exchange, you don't get this feature.

    With Exchange, all mail first comes thru the server, and all mail is stored
    on the server. this means that when you back up your server, all mail is
    being backed up. Without Exchange, you don't gain this feature.

    With Exchange, since all mail comes through the server, with the right A/V
    software (Trend CSM, not Trend CS), all mail is scanned BEFORE it shows up
    in a mailbox. Also, using IMF (Intelligent Message Filtering), you will scan
    and filter mail before it ends up at the user's mailbox. Again,you lose all
    that if you don't install Exchange.

    Bottom line -- is that IMO the advantages of installing Exchange far
    outweigh whatever trivial issues a customer may come up with to not using
    it. But, that's just my .02 cents worth!
    Kevin Weilbacher, Sep 7, 2004
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