Trend Micro Common Firewall Driver

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Nick, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Have just upgraded Trend CSM for SMB 3.6 to WFBS 5.1 and now notice a 'Trend
    Micro Common Firewall Driver' protocol has been installed on all network
    cards. I fiond this a bit worrying that this has been installed without any
    warning, does anyone know what this is and whether I can remove it or not?

    Nick, Mar 10, 2009
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  2. I've only seen issues on Older Machines that didn't have enough memory.
    And slow access to the server.

    Russ - SBITS.Biz, Mar 10, 2009
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  3. FWIW I've disabled it on my 15 Vista workstations - i.e. in the NIC
    properties.. I don't have the Firewall enabled in the Trend console.
    James Hurrell, Mar 11, 2009
  4. Nick

    Gregg Hill Guest

    James, et al,

    The firewall driver is used by the IPS and Outbreak Prevention features and
    installs whether or not you have the firewall enabled in the application. So
    if you kill the common firewall driver, you also kill the IPS and Outbreak
    Prevention features.

    Gregg Hill
    Gregg Hill, Mar 11, 2009
  5. Nick

    Gregg Hill Guest

    Gregg Hill, Mar 27, 2009
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