Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by kaenea, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. kaenea

    kaenea Guest

    Hi...I keep doing a scan of my computer and spysweeper keeps finding Trojan
    Horse: trojan-downloader-zlob. I also get little popups in my toolbar at the
    bottom saying I need to download software to get rid of it. How do I get rid
    of this. My spyware isn't fully getting rid of it. It always comes back.
    kaenea, Feb 21, 2007
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  2. kaenea

    Peter Guest

    Arm yourself with anti-spyware. Keep them updated and run frequently:
    Adaware SE (look for free download link)
    Alternative download link:,fid,7423,tk,Top10,00.asp

    Spybot Search and Destroy



    Use Hijackthis to post a log on any of the following forums for analysis and

    Download HiJackThis:

    Browser Hijack help and how to post results.

    Post the logs at a specialist Forum:
    Peter, Feb 21, 2007
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  3. kaenea

    Malke Guest

    And this is on Vista (assumed since you posted in a Vista newsgroup but
    I want to be sure)? Since you are getting the toolbar popups, it does
    seem like you are really infected and not that this is a false-positive.
    It would be very interesting to know how you got infected if this is a
    clean install and those of us working in this sector of the tech
    industry would appreciate your information.

    Here are some questions for you to answer if you will be so kind:

    1. Was this an upgrade or clean install?
    2. If an upgrade, was the machine already infested? If you thought it
    was clean, how did you determine that?
    3. On Vista, are you running with administrative privileges or in a
    standard user account?
    4. With what program are you doing the scan? Just Spysweeper? What
    antivirus do you have installed?
    5. If the machine was really clean right after the Vista install, do you
    know how you got infected?

    I can tell you how we remove Zlob infections in XP and will give you the
    links below. Because of Vista's new User Account Control and other
    security changes, I honestly don't know if these programs and techniques
    will work for you. Vista is so new out in the wild that we techs are
    still learning. For instance, in my service area I've got three clients
    who are just getting new computers with Vista and so I haven't seen any
    malware infections first-hand.

    Here are the older non-Vista standard directions for removal:

    Do the preparatory work here:

    Do the specific removal steps here:

    Please do post back with the answers to my questions. This will help us
    help you and others.

    Malke, Feb 21, 2007
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