Trouble with games on windows vista ultimate

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by afterburner38555, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Ok ive ben running vista ultimate for a few moths now. I istaled Hardtruck
    apocalypse and cant save my game and it also sometimes crashes. Also having
    trouble with Need for speed carbon running slow, and i know its not cause of
    my system. I also have another pc that i run thease games on and its only
    got 1gb ram and an Ati radion 9250 256m video card and 3.4ghz prosessor, and
    the games run fine on it. So please help me if u know whats wrong. Here is my
    pc specs.


    Model MS-7104
    Total amount of system memory 2.00 GB RAM
    System type 32-bit operating system
    Number of processor cores 1
    64-bit capable No


    Total size of hard disk(s) 613 GB
    Disk partition (C:) 179 GB Free (233 GB Total)
    Disk partition (D:) 133 GB Free (190 GB Total)
    Disk partition (E:) 59 GB Free (190 GB Total)
    Media drive (F:) CD/DVD


    Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 6600 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
    Total available graphics memory 750 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory 256 MB
    Dedicated system memory 0 MB
    Shared system memory 494 MB
    Display adapter driver version
    Primary monitor resolution 1152x864
    DirectX version DirectX 9.0 or better

    afterburner38555, Jul 5, 2007
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  2. afterburner38555

    BigJim Guest

    the ati 9250 is a very low end card, I run a similar system with 2 gigs or
    ram and a 7600gt agp and everything runs fine including aero.
    BigJim, Jul 5, 2007
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  3. afterburner38555

    Andy Guest

    I think you missed what he said Jim, his message was that he has an older
    computer with an ATi 9250, the game runs OK on that, but when he loads it on
    the system above with the nVidia 6600 it runs really slow.

    What's wrong is you're using Vista with a game that wasn't designed on Vista
    and a middle of the road video card.

    Drop the resolution in the game down and turn off Anti-Aliasing and
    Antroscophic filtering. The game is running slow because you're CPU is a
    single core running Vista with a middle of the road video card. With NFS:
    Carbon it should run OK but you'll probably want to drop your game settings
    or upgrade your CPU/Video card to a Geforce Series 7 or ATI x1X00 type card.

    Good luck...
    Andy, Jul 5, 2007
  4. I think the problem is with vista because i also have another pc with an asus
    a8n32sli delucs motherboard with an amd athlon 2.8 dual core and 4gb ddr2 and
    an asus 512 ddr2 vidio card and it runs slow on that one too even with every
    thing turnd down and no other programs running including antivirus. Surly the
    have a compatibility updater or something. Thinking about just running 2
    operating systems vista for web brousing and xp pro for gaming.
    afterburner38555, Jul 6, 2007
  5. afterburner38555

    Charlie Tame Guest

    NVidia Vista drivers were pretty bad at first and still aren't as good
    as XP drivers, also be aware that sometimes the "Latest" driver is not
    the best. I assume you have updated those and also the MB drivers - if
    the MB drivers are not right it will generally screw a lot of things up
    as far as speed is concerned.

    Vista probably will not be quite as fast as XP for games / heavy
    graphics use, and no amount of driver tweaking is going to change that,
    but it should not be that slow so you may have to dig out other hardware
    makers latest drivers.
    Charlie Tame, Jul 7, 2007
  6. afterburner38555

    Mark Guest

    I doubt its Vista. I have a a8n32-sli Deluxe motherboard with FX-60
    dual-core (2 generations old now but overclocked to 2.8ghz) and I run all my
    games (Doom, Quake, FEAR, Titan Quest, Tomb Raider, etc) at high res. Of
    course I have a good card (Radeon X1900) but the processor/mb system specs
    are very adequate:

    Windows Experience Score: 4.4
    processor: 5.3
    Ram: 4.4
    Graphics: 5.9
    Gaming graphics: 5.8
    Hard Disk: 5.4
    Mark, Jul 9, 2007
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