Trouble with Microsoft IME (Typing Japanese on US Keyboard)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Joshua, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Joshua

    Joshua Guest

    To recap:

    I have a recently purchased HP Slimline desktop with Vista Home Premium for
    my wife. She uses her computer to send e-mails, chat, etc. with her family
    in Japan. Using my past experience with XP, I set this computer up so she
    could use Microsoft IME to input Japanese characters. The problem? The
    stupid thing thinks her US 101 key keyboard is actually a Japanese keyboard
    and jumbles the keys around making it very annoying.


    So far I have reinstalled Vista twice with no positive results. I was
    finally at the end of my rope with Vista and I decided to test an install
    with XP Media Center from my laptop. As soon as XP was installed in this HP
    slimline, I went straight to configuring Microsoft IME and guess what... The
    damn thing worked like a champ. No longer did the OS think I had a keyboard
    I didn't actually have. No jumbled keys, just smooth sailing. Vista was the

    So, since I was confident that Vista was the problem, I sent an e-mail to
    Microsoft tech support about it and even told them what happened when I
    installed XP. Their answer? Ask HP. What the hell is HP going to do for
    me, they didn't make Vista! I don't see any Hewlitt-Packard IME on my
    keyboard options... do you?!

    As soon as I can get some good drivers for this slimline, I'm throwing Vista
    right out the window and putting XP back on, because THAT OS actually works.

    Any new suggestions out there? Any work arounds, besides using an actual
    Japanese keyboard?
    Joshua, Jul 17, 2007
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  2. Joshua

    Stephan Rose Guest

    I recall having a conversation with someone else in this very newsgroup
    with the identical problem to yours.

    We came to this conclusion:


    The only keyboard combination that I am aware that works correctly under
    windows with the Japanese IME is XP and US Keyboard, as you have
    discovered. Try using an actual Japanese Keyboard under XP, it's a
    nightmare. One day it's Japanese, next day it might be Chinese, the day
    after that it might be recognized as US....trying to use a non-US keyboard
    with XP and its Japanese IME is a nightmare.

    I suppose that by the sound of it MS did actually fix this with Vista at
    the cost of now requiring a Japanese keyboard which is equally ridiculous.

    There actually is a way to fix it, though it's more difficult under Vista
    than it is under XP.

    The way to fix the problem, under either operating system, is to replace
    the keyboard driver .sys files in the windows/system32 directory.

    So in your case, you'd want to replace the japanese keyboard .sys file
    with the US keyboard .sys file and you'd be good to go.

    This is pretty easy to do in XP, but from what the other poster reported
    back, not so easy under Vista as it doesn't like you messing with its
    files there. So you need to somehow take ownership of the keyboard driver
    files to be able to replace them like that.

    That's about the only solution I know. Beyond that, I can only suggest
    using a more multilingual friendly OS.

    2003 Yamaha R6

    Stephan Rose, Jul 17, 2007
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