Trouble with New Laptop and games

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Brandonk, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Brandonk

    Brandonk Guest

    Hey Guys,

    I just bought a new laptop with vista preloaded on it and am having trouble
    getting world of warcraft to run smoothly on it (2 year old game that runs
    perfect on my desktop with a gforce57000, amd 2800, 768) Here are my new
    laptop specs:

    AMD Turionâ„¢ 64 X2 mobile technology TL-50
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 (288 shared)
    1GB PC2-4200 DDR2
    120GB Serial ATA hard drive

    It will run, but is constantly choppy from what I feel is it bottlenecking -
    is there anything I can do to better optimize vista running in the BG or is
    the problem unrelated?

    Thanks for any help :)
    - Brandon
    Brandonk, Jan 31, 2007
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  2. Brandonk

    Paul Smith Guest

    The GeForce 5700 is the faster chip outta the two, especially in WoW,
    sharing the PC RAM only slows the 6150 down even more.

    I play World of WarCraft on my M200 Tablet PC, which has a 1.8Ghz Pentium M,
    1GB of RAM and a 32MB GeForce Go 5200. I need to turn everything off, and
    then even in busy spots it is borderline unplayable, that's the same under
    Vista and XP.

    Other than making sure anti-aliasing and all the detail sliders are down
    there's not much you can do other than waiting for newer drivers which may
    boost performance a little bit. It's a pretty low-end card.

    Paul Smith,
    Yeovil, UK.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

    *Remove nospam. to reply by e-mail*
    Paul Smith, Jan 31, 2007
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  3. Brandonk

    Brandonk Guest

    Thanks for the reply paul.

    Do you think if I bought a gig more ram it would help? or is it just a gfx
    card issue.

    Are laptop grfx cards upgradable?

    Brandonk, Jan 31, 2007
  4. Brandonk

    Gruss Guest

    I'm also curious if a memory upgrade would help as well. Did you upgrade the
    memory and did it help? Have you tried newer video drivers?

    Gruss, Jul 31, 2007
  5. Brandonk

    KSib Guest

    A memory upgrade DEFINITELY helps (especially if you have < 512 MB of RAM
    installed). Before I had 512 MB of memory and as soon as I plugged in the 1
    GB stick of DDR2 RAM into my laptop, giving me 1256 MB of system memory,
    there was a significant boost in performance. Vista recognized the new
    memory upon startup and enabled Vista Aero theme and also boosted my Windows
    experience index from 2.9 to 3.7!

    My programs began to load much faster now, including my games. I'm a pretty
    big Counter-Strike: Source player and my frame rate drops are almost
    nonexistent now. Lucky for Vista if the RAM didn't work for me I was going
    to go back to Windows XP, it almost wasn't worth it for me.

    If you want a new stick of RAM, go straight for the 1 GB stick. They're very
    inexpensive now. I got mine from Newegg for about $40. Just make sure you
    get a RAM stick that is compatible with your system. has an
    online database of computer-specific RAM requirements so I definitely
    recommend that website if you plan on purchasing RAM, or at least to
    research what you need if your manufacturer's website makes it too difficult
    for you to find out.

    Good luck,
    KSib, Aug 2, 2007
  6. Brandonk

    Gruss Guest

    Thanks for the response, I have 1 GB right now, but I still think an upgrade
    will help.

    What I read on other sites is that the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 drivers aren't
    optimized for Vista yet (supposedly) and that's part of the problem.
    According to their website they don't have drivers apart from the
    manufacturer (like HP/Compaq) so hopefully that will help when they come out.
    Gruss, Aug 2, 2007
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