Try to open, makes a ding noise and does nothing...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by helpmeNAMASTE, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. I think it may have something to do with the fact that my laptop shut off
    while Windows Media Player was running, and I didn't restart in safe mode.

    Any suggestions would be wonderful!
    helpmeNAMASTE, Aug 21, 2004
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  2. If WMP doesn't open when you click on the icon or the WMP icon has changed
    it is likely being caused by Malware on your system. There are more than a
    few programs that will help you get rid of this. Below are some options for
    you to try.



    Housecall AntiVirus


    After you get all of the malware removed then you will want to reinstall
    Windows Media Player over itself. Depending on how WMP was installed on
    your machine you may already have the installer. If you do it is located in
    C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\Installer. The file name of the
    installer is "mpsetupxp.exe"

    If you don't see the folder then run C:\Program Files\Windows Media
    Player\setup_wm.exe and that will re-download the installer and install it.
    Chris Lanier [MVP], Aug 21, 2004
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