trying to print webpages - only 1 page will print

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by KRK, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. KRK

    KRK Guest


    There is a webpage I want to print. The webpage is quite long , perhaps 6 or
    7 A4 sheets, but whenever I try to print it I get only one sheet printed. .
    Print preview says there is only 1 page to actually be printed (print page 1
    of 1). There should be 6 or 7 pages. How do I get the whole thing to print.


    KRK, Apr 3, 2009
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  2. KRK

    housetrained Guest

    I would, ctrl a, ctrl c, open word, ctrl v, then print from word
    housetrained, Apr 3, 2009
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  3. KRK

    H Brown Guest

    If I wanted to print a web page to a hard copy through my printer I
    may do the following
    Navigate to the web page ((I use IE7) in Vista Sp1) I wish to print
    out and make sure the
    page is fully down loaded (look it over or check status bar).
    At this point from the Menu bar click on File and choose Print
    Print Preview opens and displays the first page and by default sets
    Shrink To Print.
    I notice this is a multiple page print job, because at the bottom of
    the Print Preview window
    there is a navigation bar that shows up when a print job will be more
    than one page.
    And there are buttons to navigate and view each page. I look things
    over and make any or no
    changes to page setup or any other of the no telling how many options
    and things I have control
    over at this point. Being satisfied with the preview I can
    select/click the print icon or close Print Preview
    and click on File then click on Print from the context menu. Either
    way a Print dialog box opens so I can
    chose the printer for the job and also issue instruction by selecting
    them. These are the instructions that Vista
    will send to the printer I chose. I make my selections, click Apply
    then click Print.
    The operating system sends/hands off all the instructions to the
    printer software/driver this then activates the printer hardware and
    if the printer has enough paper and ink
    it prints out the job.
    Note: From start to finish of a print job there are many, many options
    that can be selected and many things that can widely vary what any one
    person may chose compared to someone else.
    Because I know what my default settings are, I could have said, go to
    the web page, click on File>Print, from print dialog box click the
    Print button.

    How do you print out your multiple page printing job using what you
    are using ?
    What Web Browser and its version number are you using?
    What operating system are you using? e.g. Vista HP Sp1 or what?
    Is this print job something you have done many times before and
    now its not working as expected.?
    If so what has changed from then and now?

    H Brown
    H Brown, Apr 3, 2009
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