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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Mark Mancini, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Mark Mancini

    Mark Mancini Guest

    I developed a cool app (well, I think it is) that is ideally for the
    consultant that manages many remote servers with Terminal Services. Since
    the RDP client only holds about 6 of the latest addresses and no one likes
    opening port 80 for the Terminal Services Advaced Client (TSAC Active-X
    client) I have made an editable database for you to keep on a webserver
    running PHP/MySQL as your central management point.
    I thought of just selling it but also considered an ASP solution for a
    small amount per month. But I would really appreciate your input on what
    you thought of the product for use with maintaining your list of client
    servers. for your input - good or bad. And if you are
    a good web person, you can probably create your own. Take a peek at the
    demo setup.....

    Available at http://www.applauncher.com/rac/remote

    Userid: app
    Password: launcher
    Mark Mancini, Jan 18, 2004
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  2. Mark Mancini

    Mark Mancini Guest

    advertising?!?! It isn't for sale. I am thinking of selling it, also
    thinking of giving it away (as I have several other apps that I paid to have
    written)....right now, I'm just looking at feedback from people in this
    forum that are consultants and may find it very useful as some of my
    colleagues in Atlanta here have.

    As for cross posting.....it is a TS app and since many SBS people are
    consultants it applies to both (so it is posted in the TS and SBS forums
    only). I didn't cross post it to ANY other forum, which would have been

    How many people here post a site with a bunch of great resources for free???
    I would think that with all the great FREE tools for download (autodefrag,
    autoscandisk, password unlocker - with just about EVERY controller card
    drive loaded, etc) that people would know by now that while I am a
    capitalist, I am also a very generous one.

    BTW, I will shortly have a COOL ntbackup scripted program available soon
    that will knock socks off and will be FREE.....are you sure it isn't the GW
    banner that bothers you :)

    Mark Mancini, CCA, CCNA, Master CIW&CI, CNE 4&5, MCSE+I 4&2000
    Mark Mancini, Jan 18, 2004
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  3. Mark,

    I will anxiously await for the "COOL ntbackup scripted program "


    Dirk-Thomas Brown, Jan 18, 2004
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