Two offices using same data / documents?

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Fred Bloggs, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    I'm just cutting my teeth on DFS, after the current setup has fallen over.
    While i'm sat here seeing and working out what's going wrong, it's occurred
    to me that if you use DFS between multi sites, it is going to be very easy
    to loose versions of data. i.e 2 people working on the same document (both
    locally thanks to DFS) and then each evening potentially one version gets

    Is there anything which can be done about this, to stop this happening?

    Fred Bloggs, Jul 24, 2009
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  2. It just isn't designed for that. Its a shame because it is good at what it
    does, but we'd all like it to do more. If you really want two sets of people
    at different locations to be editing the same set of data you need to use
    Terminal services, or use a synchronous replication product, or have them
    both access one file share,
    Anthony [MVP], Jul 24, 2009
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