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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by hgopp99, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. hgopp99

    hgopp99 Guest

    We have a second SBS 2003 installed. One is on the .16 subnet (existing
    server)and the other on the .17 subnet (new server). I am definitely a
    newbie and have a couple of questions.

    How can we use the printers on the .17 subnet, that are on the .16 subnet?

    We don't have a backup process for the new server and I was wondering if
    there is a way the server on the .17 network can "log on" to the server on
    the .16 network? As the second server does not change that much, we could
    use its backup process from the .16 system.

    Thank you.
    hgopp99, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Normally, you use a router to allow traffic from one subnet to access
    another subnet. However, it is possible to allow the two machines to see
    eachother via static routes. That said, there is no practical advantage of
    doing this for the vast majority of SBS installs - separate subnets will not
    make anything faster, don't really offer any security advantages, and aren't
    necessary for any core application functions. They do make WINS, DNS,
    browsing, and DHCP (to name just a few) more complicated to configure. So,
    my questions are "what are you really trying to accomplish? What business
    problem are you solving?".

    Mark Stanfill, MCSE+I, MCSE 2000, MCDBA, MCSA
    Microsoft Corporation
    SBS Blog:

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    Mark Stanfill [MSFT], Jan 31, 2006
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  3. hgopp99

    Lacy Moore Guest

    I can see a reason for this. If you have two distinct and separate companies
    sharing the same internet connection and possibly the same resources, then
    you would have two separate SBS boxes (one for each company). You may have,
    in the office, a heavy duty printer/copier that you would like both companies
    to use.

    I'm actually in this situation. I'm thinking about separating out two
    companies into two different SBS boxes. We have a heavy duty printer that I
    would like to share. I think in this case, I'm going to put the printer on
    its own subnet (as well as the rest of the printers). In this case, I'll
    have three subnets joined by a router.

    I'm not so much concerned about the SBS boxes talking to each other, though.
    Both SBS boxes can still print directly to the printer using the IP address.

    I'm not sure about the backup process that the original poster was asking
    about. I think I would rather have a separate backup for each server.
    Lacy Moore, Jan 31, 2006
  4. hgopp99

    hgopp99 Guest

    In fact, that is what is happening. A subsidiary company was created and the
    second system was added. I have thought it over and may have come up with a
    solution for the printers and it may be as simple as sharing them out.

    However, the backup procedure I still need to look into. I am considering
    creating a share on the first server for the second, but haven't thought it
    throught to competion.

    Again, thanks and any suggestions are welcome.
    hgopp99, Feb 1, 2006
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