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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by NetFodder, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. NetFodder

    NetFodder Guest

    Kind of funny how people are having so many problems on here, then the IE
    team/MVP's get in here and give people guff and attitude ESPECIALLY when the
    only solution to some people is to uninstall IE7. Forget the fact that it
    gets the customer what they want, forget the fact that it puts them back to a
    state where they are actually able to be productive. They get upset because
    to them the only answer is to use their code. Even if it means being upset,
    even if it means getting so upset that you want to through your PC out.

    Now, I put a post on here very much chastising these people for having bad
    attitudes. The simple truth is many Microsoft employees get so enthusiastic
    about their company they get religious about it. When I was doing a huge
    project on going beyond the 1million object point of Active Directory during
    its first release. I was able to prove and built/patented the world’s largest
    network architecture using AD with 186.4 BILLION desktops and the same amount
    of users. All within one single tree and using AD. The project was so
    successful I was able to convince 2 prior CTO's of Netware and Netware's
    Director of Development to use this in their new startup instead of their
    previously Leading technology in Network Directory Management. The thing is
    when I brought our solution to Microsoft, they were to say, extremely pleased
    and ecstatic. However, in order to actually create that many workstations
    without covering the entire surface of the planet in computers I used a
    technology I helped create called VMWare; software for running multiple OS's
    simultaneously on one set of hardware. Well the software is built using a
    kernel level version of Linux. This fact pissed off so many of the Microsoft
    people. This attitude of our software and ONLY our software is seriously a
    hindrance in the religious fanatics of Microsoft. The software enables users
    to be able to run multiple copies to run on one piece of hardware. To them
    the software was a scurge but the business implications meant being able to
    sell multiple copies of Windows for one piece of hardware. This attitude of
    if it’s not ALL Microsoft it’s BAD is not held by all but my many and it is a
    huge pain the rear especially to those who encounter any issue with one of
    their products. Well, I’m sick of it and so are many others.

    So Microsoft, tell me, if you are so powerful and beyond reproach; WHY pull
    the post? And to all the religious fanatics, “If†Microsoft is your holiest
    of holies, how can you take this attitude when business implications like
    these profit Microsoft? How can you call yourselves fans without the simple
    business senses to back it up?
    NetFodder, Nov 14, 2006
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  2. NetFodder

    Col Guest

    Im fed up with reading the replies telling people that its "them" or "their
    systems" and not I.E 7. I installed the piece of crap on a fresh installed
    XP Home Edtion test PC, with a 2.6 ghz AMD and 1gig of RAM without any
    addons or AV which theyd of jumped on as "the cause " and it crapped up as
    soon as it was on, slowing the desktop icons to a crawl and corrupting the
    windows taskbar.
    Col, Nov 14, 2006
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  3. NetFodder

    Dan Guest

    Eventually Microsoft will get the browser right, they have a clear history of
    playing these type of games. It's just going to take a few more versions and
    lots of complaints from their customers. And it'll also mean putting up with
    the loud mouth Microsoft groupies who cannot stomach any complaints or
    criticism of their software daddy.
    Dan, Nov 14, 2006
  4. NetFodder

    Dan Guest

    Thankfully I had the buggy beta version on a throwaway testing OS. But it's
    true, the geeks don't want to hear that all is not well in Microsoft
    paradise. There's also a huge contingent of web developers who prefer not to
    have to write for both IE7 and IE6 and are demanding that Microsoft force IE7
    Dan, Nov 14, 2006
  5. NetFodder

    NetFodder Guest

    The post I did came back. It would show only as about 5 to 10 space hits but
    the replies showed. And the replies had the info cut from them too. I don't
    know if someone wised up, it got reposted because there were already a couple
    replies to it. Heck it could have just disappeared as a specific feature of
    ie7 which blockes negative MS text strings ;-) But here's the link. It's
    showing up now.

    NetFodder, Nov 15, 2006
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