U. S. Robotics 5660C modem

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by speedlearner, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. speedlearner

    speedlearner Guest

    I currently own an Asus p5nsli motherboard and a soundblaster audigy pci
    card. I also own a U. S. Robotics 5660C modem. When I had Windows XP pro, I
    installed Real Player 11. At that time I had an old Diamond modem that
    worked just fine. But then I ran the Vista Upgrade Advisor. It said that my
    modem was too old and I had to replace it. So I bought a NextTech modem.
    When I installed it, the system crashed. It did reboot, but the computer
    never did resign onto the internet. I took out the modem and reinstalled the
    Diamond modem. All worked well.

    Then I put a BestData modem into my computer. Then the computer crashed
    again. I replaced it with the diamond modem and things worked just fine
    again. Out of frustration I bought a U. S. Robotics 5660C modem. It signed
    on the internet, but when I received a call from callwave or ran Real Player
    11 while on the internet, it crashed again. I was able to run both Real
    Player 11 and CallWave when I wasn't on the internet, but when I signed on,
    it crashed again. That's when I bought Windows Vista.

    At first all worked well, but after I updated my drivers and installed all
    the Wndows Updates, I started having crashes again. First I had a crash
    from Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition. I uninstalled it, but the crashes
    continued. Once again if I run CallWave or Real Player 11 on the internet,
    the computer crashes. The computer indicates I have a driver problem, but I
    don't know what to do about it. U. S. Robotics wants me to change my modem
    and I will this week. But this may not be the whole problem.

    The Windows Upgrade advisor said that the U. S. Robotics 5660c modem was
    compatible, but U. S. Robotics said it wasn't. The upgrade advisor lied to
    me. I think that was wrong.

    The mystery is why Real Player 11 and CallWave works perfectly unless I am
    on the internet. What are they using that causes my computer to crash? Will
    replacing the modem solve the problem or do I have more problems to solve? I
    hope I don't have to reformat my hard drive. I just set it up this past
    week. And when is Microsoft going to release it's first service pack for
    Vista? I hope they burn it on a disk so I can get it without downloading it.
    speedlearner, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. Dominic Payer, Nov 22, 2007
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