UAC & secure desktop -- Is it a hole??

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by krzysiek, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. krzysiek

    krzysiek Guest

    Hi I just found that secure desktop doesn't working as it should ( please
    correct me if I'm wrong ;] ) I thing that secure desktop has a hole.. If You
    run priviledged application You can switch to other window using alt+tab and
    UAC will be minimized ;) I don't think is should be like that... I didn't
    tried yet, if is possible to send any messages to that window from other
    application, if Yes I think it is not a small hole, becouse programs can
    gives some permission to run priviledged applications..

    I made small screen capute which shows that, but unfortunally when UAC works
    then capturing doesn't work, so You can see only blinking icon on the task
    If You want You can see it on

    But better is to try it ;)
    What You think about it??

    cU ;)
    krzysiek, Mar 27, 2008
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  2. krzysiek

    BillD Guest

    It's a not a flaw, the UAC prompt will appear when you maximize the Window,
    you can't bypass it:
    "Other improvements besides prompt reduction that we’ve made to Windows
    Vista RC1 are:
    UAC prompts will not “steal focus†from the user’s task. If the operating
    system cannot determine that the prompt was generated from the foreground
    window the current user is using, we will alert the user with a highlighted
    operation in the taskbar that an application is requesting elevated
    privileges. The user can select to elevate at his or her convenience and not
    be disrupted by an unplanned application elevation."
    BillD, Mar 27, 2008
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  3. krzysiek

    Louis Guest

    The video is not very clear to me.
    My english is not so good and I may have missed something.
    Can you explain step by step what you did? Did you disable anything from the
    defaul Vista settings?
    Because, in my Vista, if I log with administrator privileges and I try to
    run applications that require the elevation, the "secure desktop" will work
    exactly as I read it should work:
    the background and desktop will became grey and inactive and the only active
    window is the UAC, and even clicking on alt+tab I can't focus any other
    opened program, like it seems you did on that video.
    Louis, Mar 27, 2008
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