UK EPG data <no data available> from all transmitters

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Nathan Quick, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Nathan Quick

    Nathan Quick Guest

    I am extremely frustrated with this product the more and more I use it. I
    have a TwinHan DVB-T card and with cyberlink power cinema get a perfect epg
    and a perfect signal but with MCE I get nothing like a good service.

    The issues are:

    - 98% of channel information is missing (no matter how many times I refresh
    the guide I get nothing or delete the eHome directory)
    - Poor signal reception(where powercinema gives perfect)
    - Poor support on EGP data issues.

    When will the EPG data be fixed for sure and allow UK users the system they
    deserve instead of the half hearted attempt it seems to have recieved till

    It's an expensive product that doesn't work as advertised and no fixes seem
    to be in place to tackle fundemental flaws with your application.
    Nathan Quick, Apr 25, 2006
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  2. Nathan Quick

    Dave MacRae Guest

    I can understand your frustration with this. I suffer it as well.

    It would appear that there is an issue between the Channel names assigned
    by MCE and those in the EPG. For example, "BBC 2" and "BBC Two".

    It's a major pain, but once you re-assign the names you do get the
    correct listings.
    Dave MacRae, Apr 27, 2006
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