unable to access file server after server migration

Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by Elton Seng, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Elton Seng

    Elton Seng Guest

    Dear all,
    We are undergo a forest consolidation and encountered strange problem
    after migration. Wish to get your help urgently.The background as follow:
    Our organization have 2 forest, one is forest A is w2k3 native and forest
    B is w2k mix. Both A and B forests are established with 2 way trust. Users
    from forest B access Forest A for EXCH2K3 mailbox access. User from Forest A
    access to B for file accessing. Both forests are in different site, Site A
    have one DC\GC of Forest B, Site B have one DC\GC of forest A. DNS a Forest A
    are configured to condition forwarding to forest B. Forest B forward
    everything to DNS at forest A. No secondary zone of each forest configured.
    We planning to migrate users and file servers of Forest B to forest A.
    Eventually Forest B will be decommission. We tried to rejoin 1 x w2k3 file
    server and 1 x w2k file server to forest A. After migration, forest A users
    have no problem access to w2k and w2k3 file servers. However forest B users
    are not able to access both servers by \\servername\sharefolder with a prompt
    of userid and password. Even they enter domain\userid and password, it is
    still not working. In spite they are able to access servers by
    \\servername.FQDN.forestA\sharefolder. When they try to ping the server with
    FQDN.ForestA with good response. When pinging server with short name, the
    response is servername.FQDN.ForestB!
    The problem is very strange that they shouldn't get a repsonse when
    pinging servername.FQDN.forestB. And when try to resolve short name and the
    answer is servernam.FQDN.forestB as well.
    Although migrating forest B user to forest A will solve the problem.
    Although forest b users can access both server via FQDN.forestA. We don't
    have resource to migrate all users over night and since they are still 9x
    workstation, they have to access servers with shortname. We need your help to
    find out the root cause and solution. Wish you can help us.

    Thanks in advance.
    Elton Seng, Jul 25, 2007
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