Unable to access share in the source domain after migration

Discussion in 'Server Migration' started by kapajoe, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. kapajoe

    kapajoe Guest

    here is what i do :
    - Preparing the Source and Target Domains
    o Create two-way trust between cas.mea.nfowg.com and tnsad.com
    o Disable SID Filtering
    - Establishing Migration Accounts for the Migration – in the target domain
    √ is local administrator (or domain administrator) credentials in the source
    √ has Delegated permission on the user, group, and computer OUs in the
    target domain with the extended right to migrate SID history on the user OU.
    √ is a local administrator on the computer in the target domain on which
    ADMT is installed ( Dc in the target domain)
    √ is local administrator of the workstations
    o has delegated permissions on target OU
    -Configuring the Source and Target Domains for SID History Migration
    o A local group used to audit SID history operations exists in the source
    o TCP/IP client support must be enabled on the source domain primary domain
    controller (PDC) emulator.
    o Audit policies must be enabled.
    -Configuring the Target Domain OU Structure for Administration
    -Installing ADMT in the Target Domain
    -Identifying Service Accounts for Your Migration
    -Create the encryption key
    -Configure the PES service on a domain controller in cas.mea.nfowg.com, the
    source domain.

    finally, after my test, migrated user can not access shares in the source
    i can used asedit and see that an entry exist for SID History.

    what's wrong?

    kapajoe, Oct 17, 2008
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