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Discussion in 'DNS Server' started by Jeff, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    1. Vista workstations are configured for DHCP but cannot get an IP address
    from the SBS Server/DC
    2. Vista & XP Workstations cannot access their email via Outlook
    3. Workstations cannot remote desktop to SBS server/Domain controller
    4. SBS/DC Server (ABCSBS01)

    We think the problem is with the DNS setup, however nothing has changed on
    it. Recently We noticed a few

    • Vista SP1 workstations with Office/Outlook 2007
    • XP SP2 & SP3 workstations with Office/Outlook 2003
    • Win 2003 SBS Server SP2 with Exchange, is Domain Controller & DNS Server
    DHCP Server (SBS/DC) ( & No Windows firewall
    • Win 2003 File Server, also a Domain Controller ( No Windows
    Firewall. (ABCFS01)
    • Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem – DHCP is disabled (
    • Smoothwall firewall (

    Recent maintenance tasks on server
    The only maintenance task done on the SBS/DC was to swap the EXCHSRVR disk
    that contains the MDBData files. No programme file locates were changed.
    After stopping the Exchange services, these files were relocated to a new
    disk and the disk was allocated the same drive letter as the former disk.
    All the Exchange services start without error and we can access the Exchange
    mail box via OWA on the SBS/DC.

    Connectivity tests

    • Vista workstations attempt to log on to the SBS and get a 169.254.* IP
    • On Vista workstations, Connection-specific DNS suffix is blank in
    • When doing Network Diagnostics, we get Windows cannot find “ABCSBS01â€
    Click for more information about DNS.
    • When doing ipconfig /displayDNS, Name does not exist appears in relation
    to all the DNS servers that are described in our DNS setup (viz ABCSBS01,
    ABCFS01, _kerberos._tcp.dc._msdcs.ABC.local,
    _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.ABC.local. Many external web sites are listed here also.
    • Have done Ipconfig /flushDNS, Ipconfig /degisterDNS
    • XP workstations can get a valid 192.168 ip address but cannot access
    Exchange via Outlook. Connection-specific DNS suffix is not blank in IPconfig
    • If we configure a Vista Workstations with Fixed IP address, it can access
    the domain resources (files & folders on the file server) but cannot access
    email on the exchange server. Either a local PST is opened or a workstation
    issues the error Microsoft Exchange server is unavailable. Retry/Work
    • Can remote desktop to the ABCFS01 File server but not to the SBS/DC ABCSBS01
    • From any workstation, when we attempt to ping the SBS/DC – via IP address
    or workstation name, we get time-outs
    • When doing NSLookup <DC name> we get a DNS request timeout with Server
    UnKnown however the correct Ip address of the DNS server is returned.
    • Only some workstations are displayed in Network leaf of Explorer.

    SBS/DC (ABCSBS01) – Connectivity
    • When doing IPConfig, we get 2 IP addresses returned for the same NIC
    ( & This has been the case for a very long time
    without problem. The old IP address that probably was used by an old NIC is
    displaying along with the current IP address.
    • When pinging itself via w/station name – viz ABCsbs01, we get the valid ip
    address returned. When we ping that same IP address, we get the workstation
    name returned
    • When we ping the additional IP address, we also get successful
    • Can access the File server file via Remote Desktop and can access files &
    folders on the file server
    • Can access the internet

    DHCP – services are started
    Net Logon services are started pm

    I don't believe we have any group policies that would be preventing us from
    logging in.

    DNS Setup
    The server name ABCSBS01.local appears with every occurrence of the valid
    IIP address ( The old IP address ( is also listed
    with the server name in the DNS setup along with the current IP addressof the
    server in DomainDNSZones & ForestDNSZones in the DNS setup

    We have done, Ipconfig /FlushDNS, Ipconfig /RegisterDNS, DCDiag /FIX, Net
    stop netlogin, Net Start netLogin.

    When we run DCDiag again, we still get the error GUID <Long
    Number>._msdcs.jsr.local) couldn't be resolved, the server name
    (jsrsbs01.jsr.local) resolved to the IP address ( and was
    pingable. Check that the IP address is registered correctly with the DNS
    server. ABCSBS01 failed test Connectivity

    Other DCDiag tests pass.

    Where do we enter the name of the server to overcome the UnKnown error in
    the DNS name?

    We have looked through the event logs and haven’t found anything that looks
    particularly informative.

    Where else do we need to check/look to overcome the login problem which I
    believe is preventing Access to the Exchange mail boxes via Outlook?
    Jeff, Apr 17, 2009
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  2. Hello jeff,

    See the replies in microsoft.public.windows.server.active_directory and better
    use crossposting with a newsreader instead of multiposting. Then you and
    all other have an overview of all answers.

    Best regards

    Meinolf Weber

    Number>> ._msdcs.jsr.local) couldn't be resolved, the server name
    Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS], Apr 17, 2009
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