Unable to ping/tracert in Vista (5536/5600/5728)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by cykotoxik, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. cykotoxik

    cykotoxik Guest

    Current configuration:

    Software: Dual boot option with Windows XP (SP2) & Windows Vista (5728)
    Hardware: Onboard NIC in Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard
    classified as Intel PRO/1000 CT
    Connection: Verizon Online DSL 3.0/768 PPPOE ethernet with a
    Westell 6100 (tested also with a Westell 327W)
    Router firewall disabled

    Windows XP (SP2):
    Ping and tracert commands functioning fine with software firewall
    No problems accessing the internet, view web sites, file transfers, etc.

    Windows Vista (5536/5600/5728):
    I have disabled the Windows Firewall.
    I am able to access the internet, view web sites, file transfers, etc.
    The only functions I am unable to use are Ping and Tracert on IP address/web
    All I get is a "Request timed out."

    Is this a known problem with the INTEL PRO/1000 CT NIC in Vista? Or is
    there a slight configuration change I have to do in Vista to be able to use
    Ping and Tracert?
    I'd greatly appreciate any help and advice in this matter.
    Besides this slight, annoying problem, every other hardware I have is
    functioning fine in Vista (5728).
    cykotoxik, Sep 25, 2006
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  2. cykotoxik

    Rav Guest

    This sound VERY similar to a problem I just fixed:

    Windows onecare basically has settings to block ICMPv4 inbound activity:

    To open your machine up if its not pinging or opening on the network is to:

    -open windows onecare live window from the taskbar icon
    -click change onecare settings
    -goto firewall tab
    -click advanced settings button
    -goto ports and protocols tab
    -tick the ICMPv4 inbound tickbox (i guess ICMPv6 inbound too if you can use

    And in my case and yours if you want file sharing to work, I also needed to:
    -goto the sharing tab
    -change "do not share files and printers" to "only share them with computers
    on my local network (subnet) or if more freedom wanted the "share them with
    all computers, even those on the internet"!

    -Click apply, ok all the way out as necessary

    Hope that helps
    Rav, Nov 10, 2006
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  3. cykotoxik

    cykotoxik Guest


    Thank you very much for giving to me some of your time and advice. I truly
    appreciate it.

    In my situation, I never installed/used Windows Live OneCare with my Windows
    Vista configuration. Only the default Windows Vista firewall was activated.
    Even with the Windows Vista firewall on or off, I was unable to ping/tracert.

    I reported this bug to Windows Vista Support.

    For an update, using exactly the same hardware configuration (as my previous
    post), I have since installed and tested Windows Vista (build 5744 & up).
    Ping/tracert commands are functioning properly now with no problems at all
    with these Windows Vista builds.

    Whatever was changed, in the more recent Windows Vista builds, it fixed the
    ping/tracert problems with my specific hardware configuration. Thank you
    Windows Vista team.

    Congratulations Windows Vista team for reaching RTM. I'll be looking
    forward to purchasing and using Windows Vista (as my main OS) upon retail
    cykotoxik, Nov 17, 2006
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